The Overflow #129: How an average programmer became GitHub CTO 

Ethical AI, average Joes on juries, and the form element paving the way to HTML

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Welcome to ISSUE #129 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: talking blockchains with the co-founder of Tezos, academic research referees who suggest their own work as citations, and learning to avoid burnout by saying no more often.

From the blog

Ethical AI isn't just how you build it, it's how you use it stackoverflow.blog What good is removing biases from a robot that turns grandmothers into smoothies?

Talking blockchain, functional programming, and the future with Tezos co-creator Arthur Breitman stackoverflow.blog What does a blockchain built for engineers look like?

How a very average programmer became GitHub's CTO (Ep. 447) stackoverflow.blog Finding your sweet spot as a middling programmer who is an excellent engineer.

6 ways SMBs can leverage the power of a DevOps platform promotion With a small staff, it can be daunting to create applications that will expand the customer base, keep up with a changing market, and take on competitors with deeper pockets. Find out how an end-to-end DevOps Platform can help.

Interesting questions

What is Google up to? Google Play Store updating apps even though auto-update is disabled android.stackexchange.com Turns out the librarians are doing some work in the background.

f-string representation different than str stackoverflow.com Today's episode is brought to you by the letter f, as in __format__.

Why are common people selected for jury duty? law.stackexchange.com Without jury duty, where would hack comedians get their material?

As an editor, what to do when a referee recommends citing their own papers? academia.stackexchange.com Self-interested? Sure? Useful? That's for you, the editor, to decide

Links from around the web

The 'form' element created the modern web. Was it a big mistake? www.wired.com Former Stack Overflow podcast host Paul Ford has some interesting thoughts about how the HTML form element was a pivot point for the web.

Faster JavaScript builds with Metro medium.com Airbnb made a splash in the bundling ecosystem with this post, showing off a whopping 50% time savings with their updates.

Lumafield CT shows how iPods put 1,000 songs in your pocket www.scanofthemonth.com Check out what the good ol' industry-changing iPod looked like from the inside out.

Sara Vieira: How to deal with burnout and learning to say no www.youtube.com Burnout is a common problem for developers, and in this video, Sara Vieira gets candid about her burnout as a developer and how to prevent it!

A blast from the past: CSS in SVG in CSS: Shipping confetti to Stack Overflow’s design system

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