Celebrating the Stack Exchange sites that turned ten years old in Spring 2022 

From Chemistry to Raspberry Pi: Sites covering Q&A on tech, leisure, language, and more celebrate their first decade.

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It’s a new season. Regardless of whether it’s summer or winter in your neck of the woods, it’s time to celebrate another cohort of sites on the Stack Exchange Network who turned 10 this quarter. One site turning a decade old would be cause enough for celebration but we have seven that recently hit that milestone! So whether you’re hanging out at the watercooler or analyzing the Queen’s Gambit again let’s raise a glass…or a rook to the following sites.

The Workplace

While many people browse Stack Exchange at work, the Workplace has the unique distinction of also covering all things work related. Professionalism may be the name of the game, but how do you handle coworkers who have a thing or two to learn in that area? What if you want to bring a literal rubber duck to the office? And how do you approach that all-important question of asking for a raise? The Workplace is there to help you navigate those tricky situations. And hey, it's not goofing off when it's Workplace-related, right?

Windows Phone

We’re a question and answer site for users of smartphones running any version of Windows, up to the latest Windows 10 Mobile. If you have a question about your Windows phone's hardware or software, this is the place to ask it. We’ve helped people figure out everything from how to take a screenshot with their phone to troubleshooting on Windows 10 ISO.


At ten-years young, Chemistry isn't collecting any rust, but if we were, we would know how to reduce it. Whether your question is about color, phase, or touch, about organic or inorganic stuff, practically, experimental or just purely theoretical, we might have the answer for you. Is a negative pH level physically possible? We’re positive our community knows. So don't let your brains explode searching for an answer...And no, you cannot (practically) dissolve a body with hydrofluoric acid. (Thanks bromine and barium!)


Many Stack Exchange users love a good game now and then, and it's no wonder that they regularly check out our community. We can help you improve both your in-person gameplay and your self-made chess engine. We cover everything from how chess has managed to remain a competitive sport to which opening moves are the most aggressive. If you're interested in the history, present, or future of chess, visiting Chess Stack Exchange is definitely the right move.

Raspberry Pi

The first Raspberry Pi—SOC based, credit card sized single board computers—were sold on Ebay in January, 2012; the model 1B was officially released the next month. Stack Exchange's site dedicated to the Pi fielded its first question in June that year. An explicit goal of the Pi's inventers was to encourage the learning of programming and electronics among young would-be computer scientists at minimal expense. Our community has answered everything from if Raspberry Pi is suitable to run 24/7 to setting up networking with a static IP address. Sharing significant overlap with the Electrical Engineering and Unix & Linux sites, as well as Stack Overflow proper, part of the mission of the Raspberry Pi exchange is to serve as a gateway for these new users to the wider world of SE and all it offers.

Russian Language

Our site’s mission and purpose is straightforward. We’re a Q&A community dedicated to Russian language and its usage. Whether you want to know about cases or punctuation, we’ve got you covered. If you need help finding vocabulary words for different animals or why some words have a positive or negative connotation, we can help you with that too.


As the fastest growing religion in the world, people are curious and ask a lot of questions about Islam. Many do not know or have not understood the true message of Islam, and others have been misinformed. Muslims and non-Muslims alike have gained tremendously from this site. We welcome you to visit this site, ask questions, or if you are knowledgeable, answer other people's questions. We have thoughtful responses to every burning question including if listening to music is halal. This site belongs to all of us. We are waiting for you to visit. May The Lord have mercy upon all humans.

We celebrate sites that have turned 10 every quarter. Keep your eyes peeled for another tribute later this year. In the meantime, continue to browse and engage with the 170+ sites on the Stack Exchange Network. You’ll learn something new everyday and you may find you’ll have the opportunity to share your expertise too.

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