newsletter July 8, 2022

The Overflow #133: Introducing the video podcast 

The cost of Copilot, replacing a fuse box, and understanding databases

Welcome to ISSUE #133 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: the skills you need to land architect roles, why variance measures information, and is Sass still relevant for 2022?

From the blog

Skilling up to architect: What you need to land high-paying IT roles
If you want to climb the career ladder to architect roles, you’re going to have a broad base of competencies. Whether it’s in cloud, security, or data science, we break down how you can land architect roles and the skills you need to learn to pay the bills.

Seeing is believing: The Stack Overflow Podcast now available in videos
Listen up, you can see us now. The Stack Overflow podcast is coming to video.

GitHub Copilot is here. But what’s the price? (Ep. 457)
The home team convenes to discuss the full public release of AI pair programmer GitHub Copilot, the VPN company that turned off subscriptions to protect its customers’ privacy, and the moral hazard of “free-to-play” apps and games.

Evolve data architectures to speed modernizing applications promotion
Application modernization requires a rethink about data architectures. Join this AWS webinar to learn how to ensure your data strategy enables an evolution to distributed applications and data pipelines.

Interesting questions

How can I tell my boss that my productivity is low due to a conflict with a coworker, without blaming the coworker?
Stop protecting jerks.

In Raku, how does one write the equivalent of Haskell’s span function?
If you love something, port it to Raku.

How does the variance measure the information about the data?
Information is a slippery concept.

How difficult is a fuse box replacement?
All this trouble just to have your towels warmed.

A lock designed by Andrew Magill
The overlap between tech workers and lockpicking enthusiasts is… real, and this might tickle your fancy.

My wonderful HTML email workflow, using MJML and MDX for responsive emails
HTML emails can be rough to make, but this seems like a pretty nice workflow.

Things you should know about databases
Understanding how to design a database is the type of knowledge that keeps on giving!

Smashing Podcast episode 48 with Stephanie Eckles: Is Sass still relevant?
With CSS modernizing and growing so much, is Sass something you should be adding to your styles?

A blast from the past: Can developer productivity be measured?

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