Stack Overflow joins Microsoft Azure Marketplace as ChatOps rise in popularity

Stack Overflow for Teams is now available within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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When the world shifted to remote work in 2020, synchronous communication tools like Microsoft Teams and others saw a huge increase in popularity. Three years later, it’s clear that hybrid and remote work is here to stay. To make it even easier for technical teams to find the answers they need, when they need them, Stack Overflow for Teams is now available within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. With this launch, Microsoft Azure customers can leverage Stack Overflow for Teams, without leaving the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

Organizations all over the world are continuing to adjust their long term strategies to support the flexibility we became accustomed to over the last three years. According to our recent research, 85% of developers are at least partially remote today. We saw a 229% increase in Microsoft Teams integrations within its Business tier of Stack Overflow for Teams in 2021. Today, 60% of professional developers are using Microsoft Teams or Slack.

The rise of ChatOps and an increasingly distributed workforce, we released the Stack Overflow for Teams experience within Microsoft Teams in 2021. It enables remote, hybrid, and on-site users to all have the same access to and connections with their peers throughout the organization and provides a location-agnostic ability to search for answers, ask questions, proactively review new knowledge, and capture solutions for future reuse all without leaving their preferred workflow.

Microsoft Teams is only gaining in momentum with developers. Beyond the current workforce, 50% of people learning to code are using Microsoft Teams to connect. As the next generation of developers and technologists enter the workforce, Microsoft Teams will already be part of their workflow.

“Unified and consistent communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing channels are mission critical in a world of remote and hybrid work,” said Prashanth Chandrasekar, Stack Overflow’s CEO. “This milestone extends our integration with Microsoft and will benefit thousands of companies by providing teams with everything they need to onboard faster, scale subject matter experts, and stay in their flow state.”

To learn more about Stack Overflow for Teams, visit the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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