Flow state at your fingertips: How keyboards impact developer productivity (Ep. 481)

Episode one of our four-part series sponsored by Logitech.

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On this sponsored episode of the podcast, we chat with two keyboard specialists from Logitech, Giulio Barresi, Lead UX Designer on the MX Series and Olivia Hildebrand, Global Product Manager on the MX Series. We brought along our own mechanical keyboard expert, Cassidy Williams, for a discussion about the impact a keyboard's hardware, software, and design can make on developer productivity.

For those not familiar with the MX series, you can read more about the different versions, including the mechanical one, here.

If you don't know about Cassidy's passion for keyboards, you can check out her website here or listen to a previous episode diving deep into the details of mechanical keyboards here.

Stayed tuned for episode #2, airing next week, when we'll be digging deeper into the science behind keyboards and coders with Prof. Thomas Fritz and Marcel Twohig Head of Design for the MX series.


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