The Stack Overflow Podcast – Episode #125: ‘Tilde Club’ and Mechanical Keyboards

Welcome back to the another episode of the newly rebooted Stack Overflow podcast. This week we’ve got a very special guest, Cassidy Williams of React Training. Cassidy is a coder, mechanical keyboard enthusiast, and prolific Twitter comedian. She also curates our newsletter. On this episode, we talk about Paul’s career as a a club promoter, Ben’s brush with terrifying bitcoin spam, and Sara’s favorite Kanye tweet. Enjoy, subscribe, and leave us a rating if you like the show.

Tilde Club: It’s your chance to LARP as a 70s sysadmin! 

What you do on your computer is your business. Don’t be tricked by scammers.

Paul makes the mistake of sharing his Anxiety Box on This American Life.

Sara’s favorite Kanye tweet is available, beautifully framed, for only $75. 

cKeys is an amazing Seattle non-profit that teaches folks how to make their own keyboards!

When we recorded this episode Cassidy worked at CodePen, but now she works at React Training, so check them out. 

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  1. Robert M Jordan says:

    Cannot hear the podcast well enough…

  2. The default file name suggests episode 2, not episode 145. At least using the RSS feed.

  3. Arrrrgg, WordPress comments. Why can’t we edit? Episode 125, not episode 145.

  4. The podcast itself: It is very difficult to follow who is talking at any one time (the voices happen to be very similar).

    Perhaps change the format slightly to make this more clear?

    For instance, by more of an interview style where the person being addressed is (sometimes) mentioned by (first) name, so conversations can be started with e.g. “Sara, what do you think about XXX?” and “Cassidy, how did you get started with YYY?”

    Or with a meeting leader. So it is natural to mention the name of the person who is about to speak.

    Think of us as 1000s of participants in a Skype call without video, for a panel discussion.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We can try to set up questions and responses by more cleary announcing who we are addressing.

  5. Paul Cordwainer says:

    Could you get Monica Cellio on for a chat? She seems to be in the middle of the most significant Stack Exchange news at the moment.

  6. Keep on

  7. I feel that the shared context is very funny and interesting

  8. Please invite Monica Cellio, who used to be a mod on six SE sites, and the current Director of Public Q&A. I guarantee the podcast would attract thousands of listeners, and we could finally get some closure. Thanks!

  9. It’s pronounced “JIFF”.

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