The Overflow #143: Modern Perl

AI-assisted cheating, clarity vs. code confidence, and (not so) Critical CSS

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Welcome to ISSUE #143 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: machine learning for binge watching, handling code copiers who don't credit the source, and best practices for getting one asset to overlap another.

From the blog

Our upcoming user conference, Flow State, is filling up fast! stackoverflow.blog Learn how developers, technologists, and forward-thinking organizations are adapting to the new normal.

This is not your grandfather’s Perl stackoverflow.blog That Perl interpreter you have on your Linux machine? Update it and check out the present.

How machine learning algorithms figure out what you should watch next stackoverflow.blog Curation at scale needs to process a lot of data with a good algorithm.

Does AI-assisted coding make it too easy for students to cheat on schoolwork? (Ep. 480) stackoverflow.blog Will students learn the the fundamentals if they can just TAB their way to a function?

The trials and tribulations of building presence for large groups of users promotion Realtime presence indicators are a popular feature for Pusher users, but with success comes scale. The Pusher team dives into how they've tackled scalable feature development for a usage-based subscription product.

Interesting questions

Best practices: Clarity vs. confidence in code behavior softwareengineering.stackexchange.com Comment your code and do both!

Should a conjecture’s author be notified before a disproof is posted? academia.stackexchange.com Follow the golden rule: Do whatever you’d want others to do for you.

Have 100% of the images from ImageNet been proven to belong to the class annotated? datascience.stackexchange.com Of course not. Those images were classified by humans, which are known to have non-zero error rates.

MIT license violation caused by copying source code partially or fully opensource.stackexchange.com Yarr! Thar be pirates! DMCA takedown notices to starboard!

Links from around the web

Critical CSS? Not so fast! csswizardry.com Critical CSS is a pattern that can provide benefits, but the cons often outweigh the pros.

Kara Carrell · GitHub github.com “For every commit I make, I consider how I can make this codebase better than when I found it.” This profile of software developer Kara Carell may just inspire you to improve your open-source community, one commit at a time.

The accessibility and usability journey of Drupal’s primary navigation www.smashingmagazine.com Drupal is one of those old and trusty softwares that has the maturity to be stable for developers to work with while still getting updates. This accessibility and usability study is one worth understanding!

So your designer wants stuff to overlap chenhuijing.com There’s been various changes over the years in how things should “overlap” or “layer” on the web. Here are some use cases and solutions!

A blast from the past: Sacrificial architecture: Learning from abandoned systems.

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