For developers, flow state starts with your finger tips 

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Sponsored by Logitech

Developers and their employers are constantly thinking about productivity. We partnered with Logitech to produce a four-part podcast series to chat about how your hardware and software work together to keep you in a flow state and make you more productive. Each podcast will have it’s own landing page on the blog, but will also be embedded here. Check back here for new episodes weekly!

Episode #1: Mechanical keyboards and flow states

Can a keyboard make you more productive? Mechanical keyboards are all the rage, but with their combination of customizability, aesthetics, and usability, can they shorten the time between your brain solving a problem and your fingers typing out the solution?

On this sponsored episode of the podcast, we get up close and personal with mechanical keyboards with Olivia Hildebrand and Giulio Barresi of Logitech. Ben, Ryan, and resident mechanical keyboard stan Cassidy chat about how the deep design work Logitech does on keyboards pays off for developers.

Episode #2: What science says about flow state

We feel our best and do our best work when we can completely focus on what we’re doing and apply our full abilities to a task. That feeling is called the flow state, and it requires both a task worthy of your skills and the focus to apply them well. For software developers, accessing the flow state can be the difference between quality software and buggy code.

On this sponsored episode of the podcast, we chat with Marcel Twohig, Head of Design for the MX Series at Logitech, and Thomas Fritz, Associate Professor of Human Aspects of Software Engineering at the University of Zurich. This episode is the second in our four- part series presented by Logitech. We cover the research that Professor Fritz has done on flow states, the design work that Marcel and team have done to incorporate that research, and the tools that you can use to maximize your daily flow.

Episode #3: Can integrating hardware with software save developers time and energy?

Developers and software companies are always chasing anything that will make them more productive: to shorten the distance between thinking of a solution and coding it down to near-zero. We’ve talked about the mindset and methods for getting into a flow state on a previous episode of this series, but what if part of unlocking that flow is just better integrating your hardware with your software?

In the third episode of a podcast series sponsored by Logitech, we explore developer productivity, flow state, and the impact hardware and software can have on these key aspects of a programmer’s workday. Our guests on this episode are Laurent Gillet, head of embedded software, and Tanvi Shah, head of software development.

Episode #4: Don't let software steal your time

In the world of technology, it feels like more and more software gets added to our workflows every day. Commit code, request a day off, expense home equipment, check your production code for errors—all these tasks use different tools. Sometimes it feels like all the software out there is just trying to steal our time. But is there some way that software can help optimize your time and let you get more things done?

On the fourth and final episode of our sponsored podcast series with Logitech, Ben and Cassidy talk with Paolo Passeri and Giulio Barresi about the ways that software can give us time back.

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