Cassidy becomes a CTO! (Ep. 492)

We recap Stack's first ever customer conference and Cassidy shares her plans for tackling her first Chief Officer role.

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As tech builders, it’s easy to get caught up in the tactical nature of our roles and responsibilities. From meeting deadlines to fixing bugs, we can forget the human side of work. In today’s podcast, Ben and Ceora discuss what it’s been like to return to in-person events after a two and a half year hiatus. Plus, Cassidy announces her new role as CTO and how she is juggling management with mastering an array of new technical fields.

Episode notes:

Ceora shares her experience representing Auth0 at REFACTR TECH, reflecting on what it was like being back in-person after years of virtual events.

Cassidy announces her move to CTO and how her current leadership role at Contenda fits into her career journey and future aspirations as a technologist.

Ben talks about Stack Overflow’s Flow State, the first IRL event he’s attended since 2019 and Stack’s first ever customer conference.

In case Cassidy pulled you down a rabbit hole of wondering how eels reproduce, check out this piece in the New Yorker from 2020.

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Speaking of the power of curiosity, today’s Lifeboat badge goes to user448810 for answering the question, Feasible implementation of a prime-counting function. Thanks for helping 6,000 people gain valuable knowledge.


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