The Overflow #146: Weekday vs Weekend

Flow state via fingertips, recovering from a PIP, and hello Hacktoberfest

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Welcome to ISSUE #146 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: Cassidy joins the C-suite, the community ponders security best practices around password unmasking, and the annual Web Almanac covers all the acronyms around the web.

From the blog

Stack Overflow trends: Weekday vs weekend site activity stackoverflow.blog Everybody’s coding for the weekend; Everybody wants to learn Rust

For developers, flow state starts with your finger tips stackoverflow.blog Developers and their employers are constantly thinking about productivity. We partnered with Logitech to produce a four-part podcast series exploring how hardware and software work together to keep you in a flow state.

Cassidy becomes a CTO! (Ep. 492) stackoverflow.blog We recap Stack’s first ever customer conference and Cassidy shares her plans for tackling her first chief officer role.

Explore AIOps, event intelligence, and auto-remediation promotion Join experts from AWS in this webinar to learn how to automate incident response to resolve issues fast and keep customer satisfaction high. Register now!

Interesting questions

How often does a PIP work out well? workplace.stackexchange.com That depends: are they giving you measurable definitions of improvement or is it just CYA on G2G?

Why do we observe particles, not quantum fields? physics.stackexchange.com Quantum physics: what am I looking at? but with peer review.

Is password-unmasking worth the potential security downside? ux.stackexchange.com “The people who dinged your product for security issues are not up-to-date with current standards.”

Regex to delete all leading blank lines vi.stackexchange.com Looking to clean up your text files? Regex to the rescue!

Links from around the web

Web Almanac almanac.httparchive.org The HTTP Archive’s annual Web Almanac is back, covering everything from CSS, JS, WASM, SEO...and all of those other acronyms we know and love!

Your CTO should actually be technical blog.southparkcommons.com How technical should your CTO be? Aren’t they...always technical?

GIFs without the .gif: The most performant image and video options right now css-tricks.com When you want some animated *thing* without audio, what should you use?

What is GitHub, open source, and Hacktoberfest? (Explained with cats) youtu.be If you’re not sure what Hacktoberfest is or how to get started in open source, here’s a great intro for beginners on how it all works!

A blast from the past: Getting started with...Rust.

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