The Overflow #147: Working with a second brain

Automated movie and TV curation, downcasting, and templating in HTML

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Welcome to ISSUE #147 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: the strength of neurodivergence, the ancient days of acquiring apps in pre-internet times, and the launch of a standard for smart home products.

From the blog

Meet Saves: the tool to help you organize your favorite content on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.blog We’ve improved Bookmarks to help make your favorite questions and answers easier to find.

Two heads are better than one: What second brains say about how developers work stackoverflow.blog Do we work better when we outsource our memory to other tools?

The many strengths of neurodivergence stackoverflow.blog We discuss the power of giving people space to do their best work, techniques for more inclusive hiring practices, and everyday routines to help us stay our happiest and most productive.

Meet the AI helping you choose what to watch next stackoverflow.blog We chat with the engineers building the intelligence behind some of the world’s biggest streaming platforms.

Join MongoDB on October 19th for an intro to data modeling promotion In this live webinar, MongoDB experts will provide you with the most important considerations when creating a data model that’s right for you. Click here to register!

Interesting questions

How did people get apps on their computer before the Internet? retrocomputing.stackexchange.com You knew a game was awesome when it had more than five floppy disks.

How to display more than three buttons? ux.stackexchange.com A fourth button? Are you crazy?

What was the first Really Big Thing to appear in Science Fiction? scifi.stackexchange.com Early sci-fi authors thought big, even back in 200 AD.

How does downcasting take place by using the ‘final’ keyword in Java? stackoverflow.com You can consider this the final answer on the subject.

Links from around the web

The Matter smart home standard officially launches today. www.theverge.com It’s surprising, but a standard for making smart home products work together has been finalized to work across multiple platforms and companies!

The Illustrated Stable Diffusion jalammar.github.io Want to know how Stable Diffusion actually works? Here’s an awesome explainer!

Templating in HTML kittygiraudel.com The <template> element in HTML is pretty handy!

How fateful? chan.co.za This sweet, analytical, and code-driven story about how someone determined the likelihood of the author meeting their significant other before the event actually happened. So many alternate timeline possibilities!

A blast from the past: How to communicate more deliberately and efficiently when working remotely.

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