He helped build .NET and VS Code — Now’s he working on Web3 (Ep. 500)

A long-time Microsoft employee explains his attraction to the new world of blockchain technologies.

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Human beings are easily excitable creatures. We pump ourselves full of sugar, and then we crash. The cycle repeats. Now, here we are at a unique moment in Internet consciousness where we’ve experienced multiple crypto winters in addition to the phenomenon known as Dogecoin. Satoshi, wherever he may be, must be #facepalm to the moon. So should we take this stuff seriously—especially those of us who quit our jobs for crypto vaporware?

On today’s podcast, we have an open source OG sharing his voice of reason—to show us what’s real in an avalanche of digital nonsense. John deVadoss spent 18 years as a general manager at Microsoft where he helped build .NET and VSCode, among other things, during the early evolution of what are now widely adopted, even pivotal pieces of technology .

So what brought him to blockchain land?

Episode notes:

John explains that Web3 is about the convergence of technology, economics, and social trends.

He elaborates that foundations begin with service-based architecture (SOA), the notion of how to design loosely coupled systems that consist of economic services and components.

He goes on to explain how DeFi represents this thinking of a loose composition of services.

With all of this, blockchain brings together technology and economic incentives into a holistic equation—people contribute because they want to contribute.

Nonsense it is not, says baby Yoda.

Crypto isn’t the end game. It’s a segue along the way.

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Learn more about the Global Blockchain Business Council and John’s company, ngEnterprise.

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