The Overflow #149: Stack Overflow without the internet

Synthetic data, can ISPs censor?, and paying to be surveilled

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Welcome to ISSUE #149 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: Stack Overflow now available without internet access, integer overflow and the perils of undefined compiler behavior, and nostalgia overflow with CSS-powered hologram Pokémon cards.

From the blog

Introducing the Overflow Offline project stackoverflow.blog For coders without an internet connection, an offline dataset provides an essential encyclopedia.

Privacy-friendly machine learning data sets: synthetic data stackoverflow.blog On-point, statistically relevant data that can’t be exploited.

Faster feedback loops make for faster developer velocity (Ep. 498) stackoverflow.blog If you want a fast highway, you should have fewer cars.

Beware the scammers posing as tech recruiters (Ep. 497) stackoverflow.blog We all have fears when it comes to tech. These are (some of) our stories.

How does your engineering team compare to the competition? promotion Software delivery has never been more critical to the success of business in every industry. With the growing challenges of complexity, how can engineering teams succeed? Download and read the complete State of Software Delivery report here.

Interesting questions

Should we take into account scope changes to the Sprint to measure the team efficiency? pm.stackexchange.com Behold! Another team doing Scrum wrong!

Can my ISP censor my internet? security.stackexchange.com They can. And they do.

Compiler optimizations may cause integer overflow. Is that okay? stackoverflow.com That depends. Do you like surprises?

Are there more males born in the US? skeptics.stackexchange.com More males are born, yes, but females live longer for some reason.

Links from around the web

Slow is stable, stable is fast: building Mux Player on the “slow” platform of web components www.mux.com Are web components alive? Dead? Well... at least they’re stable!

Amazon and the rise of ‘luxury surveillance’ www.theatlantic.com Are we paying to be watched?

When life gives you lemons, write better error messages | by Jenni Nadler | Sep, 2022 | Wix UX wix-ux.com Error messages drive development, debugging, documentation...so we should write better ones!

Pokemon cards deck-24abcd.netlify.app Come bring your nostalgia and check out how advanced CSS can make realistic holographic-looking cards in the browser!

A blast from the past: Mint: A new language designed for building single page applications.

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