The Overflow #152: Another week of tech layoffs 

Hashgraph vs. blockchain, ADHD and a pilot license, and Mastadon

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Welcome to ISSUE #152 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: we're talking about web3 without the blockchain, the cryptographic algorithms that quantum computers can't beat, and a modern OS on a Commodore 64.

From the blog

Five Stack Exchange sites are celebrating their ten year anniversaries in Q4 2022! stackoverflow.blog Family histories, robots, and politics. Plus, the one Stack Exchange that covers them all: Anime!

Hashgraph: The sustainable alternative to blockchain stackoverflow.blog When most people talk about Web3 or cryptocurrencies and related technologies, they usually mean blockchains. But blockchain is only the first generation of distributed ledger technology.

Another hard week in tech (Ep. 505) stackoverflow.blog Are we looking at a turning point in the tech industry?

Notify users when their friends are online with Watchlists in Pusher Channels promotion Users in any community app need to understand the availability of their circle. Pusher’s new feature seamlessly enables live, user-specific presence notifications to keep social media users, remote collaborators, multiplayer gamers and their followers in sync.

Interesting questions

Is AES-128 quantum safe? crypto.stackexchange.com Quantum computers are going to change a lot of things, but the cryptographic algorithm you use might not be one of them.

My professor says I would not graduate my PhD, although I fulfilled all the requirements academia.stackexchange.com If he rejects the thesis, he also has to reject the eight papers he co-authored. Not a great look, Herr Doktor.

I believe I was misdiagnosed with ADHD when I was a small child. Can I get my private pilots license? aviation.stackexchange.com You’ve probably got about the same chance as if you were correctly diagnosed with ADHD.

Why don’t American traffic signs use pictograms as much as other countries? travel.stackexchange.com Would you believe its because America doesn’t like treaties?

Links from around the web

‘I don’t want this kind of life’: graduate students question career options www.nature.com The labor market has changed. Advanced degrees are slow to follow.

Learn Lit lit.how Lit is a JavaScript library for building web components. Here’s how to use it.

Mastodon’s founder has a vision to democratize social media time.com Decentralization is seeing a new rise in popularity as Mastodon has grown amidst social media changes! Are you on that train?

The C64 OS programmer’s guide c64os.com Could Commodore have made an OS like this in 1982 if they had today’s perspective?

Error handling in Rust nrc.github.io Rust is increasingly popular. If you’re learning it, you might want to learn how to handle your errors!

A blast from the past: Understanding quantum computing through drunken walks.

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