The Overflow #153: How to get a job in Japan  

"Performant", knights who need glasses, and keyboard shortcuts for all

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Welcome to ISSUE #153 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: log in to your web apps by lifting a finger, read on for the best in interactive fiction, and draw out a calculus lecture to fill time.

From the blog

Speeding software innovation with low-code/no-code tools stackoverflow.blog Low-code/no-code tools can help developers and non-developers alike.

You can add biometric authentication to your webpage. Here’s how. stackoverflow.blog Prompting for a username and password is so 2005. These days, it’s all about the fingerprint.

“Performant” is nonsense, but performance can still matter stackoverflow.blog Just because marketing uses a word doesn’t mean it’s a meaningful way to talk about software.

Tips and tricks for succeeding as a developer emigrating to Japan (Ep. 505) stackoverflow.blog This solo developer runs a job board that helps aspiring expats find engineering jobs in Japan... and generates revenue from it!

Developing serverless & Kubernetes applications promotion Watch this webinar for development techniques that can accelerate your adoption of cloud-native technologies. Compare containers versus serverless and learn how to increase your development speed and quality while reducing technical debt.

Interesting questions

Struggling to motivate new employee workplace.stackexchange.com As always, if you have expectations of someone else, make sure that they know what those expectations are.

What do you do in order to drag out lectures? matheducators.stackexchange.com “What you are describing is so far outside of my experience that it appears to be literally incredible.”

How did knights who required glasses to see survive on the battlefield? history.stackexchange.com Fortunately, the objects that a knight deals with are close enough that glasses didn’t matter.

Did underclocking the early Z80 chips improve yield? retrocomputing.stackexchange.com Hint: The CPU clock isn’t the only piece of hardware that has speed requirements.

Links from around the web

You are not your user www.youtube.com This is a great, quick explainer on the importance of including everyone from the beginning of your project to ensure accessible outcomes!

Use the keyboard usethekeyboard.com We all love keyboard commands, right? Here’s a list of shortcuts for apps and sites you know and love.

What’s so great about functional programming anyway? jrsinclair.com Why is everybody talking about functional programming lately?

The interactive fiction competition ifcomp.org Interactive fiction is a fascinating genre of storytelling using complex graphs you might normally see in your computer science homework. There’s a competition every year to write them, and this year’s entries are amazing!

A blast from the past: Stack Overflow badges explained.

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