The Overflow #154: The state of the cloud in 2022 

Developing in VR, bitcoin over Tor, and data structures in JS

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Welcome to ISSUE #154 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: using handwriting to commit information to memory, burying your loved ones in your backyard, and making that meeting into a piece of documentation instead.

From the blog

Cloudy with a chance of… the state of cloud in 2022 stackoverflow.blog We chat with an expert from Pluralsight about what the cloud landscape looks like today.

Why writing by hand is still the best way to retain information stackoverflow.blog Typing might be faster, but longhand stays with you better.

Here’s what it’s like to develop VR at Meta (Ep. 508) stackoverflow.blog We chat with a Platform Engineer and Reality Labs Advocate about the expanding toolkit available for crafting virtual reality experiences.

How does your engineering team compare to the competition? promotion Software delivery has never been more critical to the success of business in every industry. With the growing challenges of complexity, how can engineering teams succeed? Download and read the complete State of Software Delivery report here.

Interesting questions

Why is connecting Bitcoin exclusively over Tor considered bad practice? bitcoin.stackexchange.com ♫ Nothing you could do, it’s a total eclipse of your bitcoin network ♫

Is it possible to create a pseudo-one time pad by using a key smaller than the plaintext? crypto.stackexchange.com Not exactly a one-time pad, but still a valid encryption scheme.

Orbital supercomputer for Martian and outer planet computing space.stackexchange.com Our curious asker underestimates how massive a massive supercomputer really is.

Is it legal to be buried in your yard? law.stackexchange.com Check your local laws before you make a grave mistake.

Links from around the web

Data structures in frontend JavaScript in the real world (with React code examples) profy.dev Data structures are must-knows across your technology stack.

The perks of a high-documentation, low-meeting work culture www.tremendous.com Meetings can be useful, but documentation gets people on the same page faster.

Tree views in CSS iamkate.com Did you know you can make collapsible tree structures without JavaScript (and with accessibility in mind)?

Global Trade Series: Fragmentation in the digital economy www.visualcapitalist.com As technology gets more and more prevalent, the disparity between low and high income regions grows. How will the digital economy change over time?

A blast from the past: Is it time to give Drupal another look?

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