The Overflow #155: Continuous security 

gRPC vs. GraphQL, auto-selecting defaults, and everything about learning C

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Welcome to ISSUE #155 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: we're talking about dynamic application security testing, the quest to cure the common cold, and the merits/limitations of single-page apps.

From the blog

Comparing when to use gRPC vs GraphQL stackoverflow.blog We dig into two of the most popular API protocols to see where they work best.

Continuous delivery, meet continuous security stackoverflow.blog Dynamic application security testing (DAST) can help catch security flaws in your code. And it can do it automatically in your build process.

From Twitter Bootstrap to VP of Engineering at Patreon, a chat with Utkarsh Srivastava (Ep. 514) stackoverflow.blog Patreon’s VP of Eng talks product roadmaps, deployment best practices, and UX philosophies.

2022 Global DevSecOps Survey shows security as a top concern promotion Download and share the entire report, “The 2022 DevSecOps Survey: Thriving in an Insecure World”, to dig deeper into security automation, AI, information overload, compliance, faster releases, and real world challenges.

Interesting questions

Rejecting a job offer within the same department that really doesn’t fit me well—do I explain myself? workplace.stackexchange.com “I would generally recommend not elaborating: a Closed Mouth gathers no Foot.”<br/>

Should we auto-select a new default payment method when the current default expired? ux.stackexchange.com Don’t make financial decisions for users.

Why haven’t we cured the common cold yet? biology.stackexchange.com Well, for starters, which of the 200 or so viruses that cause the common cold are we talking about here?

Can we determine for sure if the Sun revolves around the Earth? skeptics.stackexchange.com General relativity states that all frames of reference are equally valid, not that one local frame is the only right answer.

Links from around the web

Everything I wish I knew when learning C tmewett.com Though it’s an older language, C is still alive and well and is behind a lot of the software you know and love. Here’s some useful tips on how to learn it.

Why HTML is a strategic dead end for business transactions and eCommerce jimgray.azurewebsites.net 1999 is calling to let us know HTML is “dead” and “increasingly dysfunctional!“

On the merits and limitations of React and single-page apps www.youtube.com It’s a long debate that may not change your mind, but it’s good to understand the pros and cons of SPAs.

Physicists create a holographic wormhole using a quantum computer www.quantamagazine.org This sounds like science fiction, but read on to have your mind blown!

A blast from the past: The most successful developers share more than they take.

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