The Overflow #158: Our top blog posts (part 1)

Terminal tools, defragmenting a SSD, and prompt engineering.

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Welcome to ISSUE #158 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. The end of the year approaches and like everyone else, we're doing best of lists. Please enjoy the bottom half of our top ten blog articles, as well as a regular bounty of questions and links.

From the blog

Use Git tactically stackoverflow.blog How you can use micro-commits to effectively apply the Strangler Fig pattern.

Best practices to increase the speed for Next.js apps stackoverflow.blog Next.js is a powerful yet simple framework, though developers still struggle to increase the speed of their applications. Here’s how you can make those apps faster.

I spent two years trying to do what Backstage does for free stackoverflow.blog Absent a time machine, telling others how to avoid my mistakes is the best I can do.

The complete guide to protecting your APIs with OAuth2 (part 1) stackoverflow.blog OAuth2 is one of the most popular specifications for API authentication today, though wrapping your head around it can be a challenge.

The three top-paying tech roles in 2022 and the skills you need to land them stackoverflow.blog Looking for the skills that pay the bills? Skillsoft ran a survey to find out the highest-paying roles and the skills they require.

Let’s talk about our favorite terminal tools (Ep. 521) stackoverflow.blog A terminal shouldn’t have to feel...terminal.

Accelerate business success with Developer Experience Engineers promotion Ensure developers have the right tools, processes, and environment to maximize productivity and create the greatest business value possible.

Interesting questions

Why are there two ways of expressing NULL in C? stackoverflow.com When you stare into the NULL ((void *)0), the *f(void) stares back into you.

Is one free from legal responsibility if the intellectual property has passed the plagiarism check software? law.stackexchange.com Copyright infringement doesn’t go away under the dubious legal doctrine of “I tried.”

False claim of a publication in the CV of an applicant? academia.stackexchange.com Let the folks moving the money handle it.

Is it worth to defragment XFS on SSD (many files)? superuser.com That’s more of a HDD thing.

Links from around the web

No more airplane mode? EU to allow calls on flights www.bbc.com It wasn’t that long ago that people weren’t allowed to use phones on airplanes at all...but now airplane mode might not be needed anymore either!

Welcome | Learn prompting learnprompting.org A lot of artificial intelligence tools require “prompt engineering” to generate what you want. Here’s a great free guide on how to do prompt engineering well.

Jamstack trends: How will we develop in 2023? www.netlify.com There’s some interesting predictions here about what web development will look like in 2023.

How I still use Flash in 2022 foon.uk Flash may be dead for most of us... but there’s others who are still holding on!

A blast from the past: Level Up: Mastering statistics with Python.

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