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The Overflow #161: Git isn’t the only game in town

Side project to C-suite, historical telescope lenses, and 3D CSS.

Welcome to ISSUE #161 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week, we celebrate our annual tradition of giving to charity in our moderators’ names, astronauts wonder how tall you need to be to fly to the moon, and the Furby source code lets you plot your own M3gan scenario.

From the blog

Beyond Git: The other version control systems developers use
Our developer survey found that 93% of developers use Git. So what are the other 7% using?

Stack Gives Back 2022!
Let’s start the year on a high note! We’re excited to announce our 14th Stack Gives Back.

Taming multiple design system with a single plugin
Intuit shares their platform-based approach to managing a design system and how they’re using AI to keep the brand consistent.

From CS side project to the C-suite (Ep. 525)
Find out why your users were rage clicking, once and for all.

Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started in DevOps promotion
Get practical information about what DevOps is and how a collaborative culture will benefit your work and company. GitLab’s detailed list of resources and real-world examples provides you with opportunities for continuous learning.

Interesting questions

What type of abrasive grit was used to grind lenses for telescopes?
How accurate do you want your Galileo cosplay to be?

Why was there a minimum height for astronauts?
Just like rollercoasters, astronauts need to “be this tall” to ride.

Travel in western Ukraine: how safe / unsafe is it?
A traveler asks about seeing the beauty in the world in a time of war and violence—what’s the right thing to do?

CPU temperature often reaches 100°C
Idea: let your CPU boil water for your tea (just kidding, don’t try this at home).

Furby 1998 source code: David Hampton, Wayne Schulz
If only there was a way to relive the 90s via code…oh wait, there is! Now if someone could code some flannel CSS themes.

3D in CSS
This is a fun, handy guide to visualizing 3D concepts in CSS!

Implementing CSS style inheritance in React Native
Styling certain things doesn’t always work in React Native. But with the right know-how and some CSS cascading magic, this case study shows how to fix the problem.

Facts and Figures 2022: Latest on global connectivity amid economic downturn
Being on the computer all day means that we spend a lot of our lives in bubbles (and take internet access for granted). Here are some mind-expanding statistics about the digital divide.

A blast from the past: How developers can be their own operations department.

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