Visible APIs get reused, not reinvented (Ep. 549)

How open API specifications can help developers—and computers—understand your APIs.

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With so many companies offering API products, it can be hard to get your particular APIs discovered and used by the developers who need them most. You might have the best, most useful solutions out there, but if you’re relying on the digital equivalent of foot traffic for discoverability, it might as well not exist. And if an API solution can’t be found, then someone else is going to reinvent it.

On this sponsored episode, we chat with SmartBear API Technical Evangelist Frank Kilcommins about the growing challenges of API visibility and how to outsmart the invisibility trap with the right development strategies and tools.

Episode notes:

Kilcommins suggests you can get better visibility for your APIs with SmartBear's new free API exploration tool.

Open specifications like the Open API Initiative help make your endpoints easier to understand—both by humans and computers.

Connect with Frank Kilcommins on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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