Can Stack Overflow save the day?

Tell us how Stack Overflow helped you and enter to win a limited edition key cap!

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There’s a wonderful thing that happens to many of us who work at Stack Overflow. In casual social conversation, someone will ask where I work, or on the way home from the gym while wearing a Stack Overflow T-shirt, someone will stop me in my tracks. “Do you work at Stack Overflow?” they ask breathlessly. The answer is of course yes, and inevitably, the person’s eyes light up, and frequently there is a story that goes with that reaction. “You got me through my first coding bootcamp,” or “I always have a tab open to Stack Overflow when I’m at work.” The genuine excitement and enthusiasm is inspiring for those of us who take our mission of empowering the world’s technologists to heart and a palpable embodiment of the millions of developers who visit our public platform to get unstuck, learn, and share their technical expertise. Additionally, many of the same technologists use our market-leading knowledge sharing platform Stack Overflow for Teams, a private instance of our public platform, in their day to day work lives to collaborate with their colleagues, find subject matter experts, and stay productive.

To that end, we want to hear directly from YOU: Stack Overflow enthusiasts with stories of how our public platform or Stack Overflow for Teams swooped in, taught you something new, saved the day, or even introduced you to your spouse. (We kid…sort of.) Did Stack Overflow help resolve a pesky bug in your code? Or maybe Stack Overflow for Teams helped you find an answer at work and made you more productive? Perhaps someone on our site or in your Teams instance taught you something new that unlocked answers on a side project you’ve been working on. If you’ve got a story about Stack Overflow or Stack Overflow for Teams, we want to hear all about it.

As an extra special treat for our community members who submit their stories, we partnered with artisan key cap makers Tiny Makes Things and Clackeys on a limited edition, 3D Stack Overflow Key Cap! Every individual who submits a story about how Stack Overflow or Stack Overflow for Teams saved the day will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a key cap. As a coda to our long love affair with the Key and the Key V2, our limited edition Stack Overflow Key Cap is the perfect decorative accoutrement for a keyboard enthusiast or a fun Stack Overflow collectible. But don’t wait! We have an extremely limited number of key caps, and we want to share these with as many of our community members as possible.

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