From cryptography to consensus: Q&A with CTO David Schwartz on building real-world blockchain apps (Ep. 557)

Imagine a world where you're owning your digital purchases instead of licensing them.

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Right now, plenty of people are building businesses on social media platforms, on streaming platforms, and on market platforms that they don’t control. That platform can make the rules in any way they want and remove access at any time. That means founders are potentially one step away from losing their livelihood. The same goes for consumers buying from these platforms: if you lose access to your account, there goes all your purchases. As it turns out, you were licensing everything, not buying it.

On this sponsored episode of the podcast, we talk with Ripple CTO David Schwartz about the promise that decentralized trust and distributed consensus has for software development—and for more transparency in ownership.

Episode notes:

Cross-border payments, while they might not be the sexiest app, are one of the best product-market fits for blockchains.

Learn more about Ripple at their home page.

Check out the documentation to learn more about building on the XRP Ledger.

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