The Overflow #172: The path to async work

The next-gen browser, energy from gravity, and image optimization

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Welcome to ISSUE #172 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: a new browser has entered the game, an absurd exercise in spelling shows how difficult English is, and a guide to avoiding dark patterns helps you stay honest with users.

From the blog

Building a collaborative asynchronous work environment stackoverflow.blog Fully embracing a remote workplace means letting everyone work when they want to work.

From Web2 to Web3: How developers can upskill and build with blockchain stackoverflow.blog Why web3 is here to stay and how developers can build killer dApps.

The next gen web browser has no tabs, only spaces (Ep. 549) stackoverflow.blog Ben and Cassidy sit down with The Browser Company to talk about reimagining the web browser—and the way we use the internet.

Put your best work on display! promotion Showcase your skills and build an online resume with .ME, the most personal domain name. Check if your FirstNameLastName + .ME combination is available and check out lots of developer-specific tips and resources for building your online presence.

Interesting questions

What is this famous example of the absurdity of English spelling? english.stackexchange.com Further proof that English is three languages in a trench coat.

Gravity assist as energy source sustainability.stackexchange.com What goes up must be able to charge your phone.

Told it’s “my responsibility” to find coverage for shifts scheduled during previously-approved vacation time workplace.stackexchange.com In fact, it is your manager’s responsibility to find coverage for shifts during approved PTO.

Liability for releasing AI into the “wild”? law.stackexchange.com No matter how smart it is, you’re still liable for malware you create. Just ask Miles Dyson.

Links from around the web

Bicycle – Bartosz Ciechanowski ciechanow.ski We take for granted how bicycles “just work” when we ride them...and this is a great reminder of the cool physics behind them!

The ultimate guide to image optimisation calibreapp.com When you start to think about web performance, most of the time, optimizing your images comes first and foremost!

Scientists created a new recyclable plastic not made from crude oil www.sciencealert.com There’s a new plastic in town. Maybe this could help improve recycling!

Dark patterns in UX design—Which ones are the most deceptive? www.uxpin.com As you build, you’ll want to stay away from the patterns that trick your users.

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