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The Overflow #173: From Smalltalk to smart contracts

The people affected by the layoffs, SQL instead of releases, and CSS creator speaks

Welcome to ISSUE #173 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: the downside of data-driven decisions, around the world without leaving your car, and a big collection of accessibility resources.

From the blog

The people most affected by the tech layoffs
Overall, these layoffs are a body blow to diversity in tech, not just slowing but actually reversing hard-won gains.

“Data-driven” decisions aren’t innovative decisions
If you want to innovate new solutions, you can’t rely on data about existing solutions.

From cryptography to consensus: Q&A with CTO David Schwartz on building blockchain apps
Imagine a world where you own your digital purchases instead of license them.

From Smalltalk to smart contracts, reflecting on four decades of programming (Ep. 551)
We chat with Dean Tribble about his journey from Xerox PARC to blockchain CEO.

Put your best work on display! promotion
Showcase your skills and build an online resume with .ME, the most personal domain name. Check if your FirstNameLastName + .ME combination is available and check out lots of developer-specific tips and resources for building your online presence.

Interesting questions

SQL as a means of avoiding “releases”
On monkey patches and cowboy coding…

Can you travel around the world by ferries with a car?
Who’s up for a road trip?

Is RAM wiped before use in another LXC container?
What did the containers say to RAM when overprovisioning? Just so we’re not on the same page…

Do I really need plural grammatical number when my conlang deals with existence and uniqueness?
There are many language without formal plural.

Accessibility for designer: where do I start?
This is an amazing collection of accessibility resources for the projects you might be building!

Buying a bicycle using Playwright
We’ve all wanted to buy one of those limited-edition items that sell out immediately…here’s how one dev took matters into his own hands.

CSS creator Håkon Wium Lie interview by Evrone
This is a fascinating interview with the creator of CSS on his journey into the web.

A guide for building open-source communities
Open-source communities have been around for years. Here’s a breakdown of how to attract contributors, build infrastructure, and iterate on your own.

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