The Overflow #174: This email could have been a meeting

Stateless auth-as-a-service, the liability of doing good, and visualized React

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Welcome to ISSUE #174 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: the difference between software engineering and computer science, hard-coding table and column names, and open-sourcing nuclear physics.

From the blog

What’s the difference between software engineering and computer science degrees? stackoverflow.blog While these two areas of study may seem very similar, they do have some differences.

Are meetings making you less productive? stackoverflow.blog Developers view about half their meetings negatively. Can we find better ways to use that time?

Going stateless with authorization-as-a-service (Ep. 553) stackoverflow.blog The home team welcomes Alex Olivier, cofounder and product lead at Cerbos, for a conversation about how to centralize business logic in a microservices environment, the value of stateless applications, and what’s under Cerbos’s hood.

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Interesting questions

Is it okay to hard-code table and column names in queries? softwareengineering.stackexchange.com How often to you change your table and column names but not the structure?

Does the law make exceptions for good samaritans? law.stackexchange.com For those of us whose legal education comes from the back half of Law and Order.

My employer’s “401(k) contribution” is cash, not an actual retirement account. What are my options? money.stackexchange.com Go for the old school 401(k) and stuff it in your mattress.

How much louder was a Napoleonic era cannon than a musket? history.stackexchange.com Loud enough that when Napoleon met his Waterloo, it could be heard over 300km away in London.

Links from around the web

Open source is fueling the future of nuclear physics github.com You don’t really associate “openness” with “nuclear fusion,” but that’s changing!

New on the web: How to detect disabled JavaScript in CSS www.stefanjudis.com Though very few people disable JavaScript these days, it’s good to be able to detect that. And now, you can do it in CSS!

React, visualized react.gg This is a great free visual introduction to React that illustrates its fundamental concepts in a beautiful way!

Building webhooks into your application: Guidelines and best practices workos.com Webhooks are a common way for devs to receive events from your apps, but they can be tougher to implement than you might think.

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