The Overflow #175: The coding school that bought a university

Communities on Teams, mathematical serendipity, and Node v20.

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Welcome to ISSUE #175 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: Stack Overflow embraces the power of AI, why Delaware is the hottest state for corporate lawsuits, and online playgrounds let you write code without downloading anything.

From the blog

Introducing Communities on Teams: where domain, practice, and community come together with purpose stackoverflow.blog Communities on Teams is a new way to bring people and knowledge together within a specific topic or focus to share valuable resources and collaborate in meaningful ways.

Community is the future of AI stackoverflow.blog To keep knowledge open and accessible to all, we must come together to build the future of AI.

We bought a university: how one coding school doubled down on brick and mortar (Ep. 561) stackoverflow.blog Paulo and Guilherme Silveira, brothers and cofounders of edtech platform Alura, join the home team for a conversation about polyglot programming, edtech, and the role of generative AI.

Ops teams are pets, not cattle (Ep. 562) stackoverflow.blog Ops folks with knowledge are irreplaceable. Treat them like you need them.

Build an app capable of monitoring rocket launch data promotion Even if you’re not launching space rockets, collecting and analyzing real-time data is essential to building smarter apps. Watch on-demand how MongoDB Atlas combines multiple capabilities into a single platform to analyze one million metrics per second.

Interesting questions

I am reviewing a very bad paper—do I have to be nice? academia.stackexchange.com Professionalism and niceness are not the same thing.

If energy is relative, then how it can remain conserved? physics.stackexchange.com Conserved and invariant aren’t the same thing.

Why was the Dominion v. Fox case tried in Delaware? law.stackexchange.com “Fun fact: There are literally more corporations in Delaware than there are people.”

What are famous examples of “serendipity” in 20th century mathematics? mathoverflow.net Right place, right time...right answer?

Links from around the web

To understand AI sentience, first understand it in animals aeon.co Does AI have feelings or is it just gaming us?

A visual introduction to machine learning www.r2d3.us If you want to learn more about machine learning and artificial intelligence, this beautiful visual intro is for you.

Node.js 20 is now available! nodejs.org Time flies when you’re writing code. Node v20 was just released!

A list of programming playgrounds jvns.ca This is a very handy list of places for you to code online without having to install anything on your machine.

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