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The Overflow #176: Jobs that save the world 

KYC, JPG size mysteries, and fluid typography

Welcome to ISSUE #176 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: a terrible coder gets an AI assist, when your advisor starts declining mentally, and five topics to keep in mind when job hunting.

From the blog

Instantly verify your customers online with Open Banking APIs
Want to make sure you’re not taking money from criminals? There’s an API for that.

The worst coder in the world tries an AI sidekick
Look out, world! The worst coder is back and ready to create code he doesn’t understand.

Looking for job perks? How about saving the world?
If you find yourself on the receiving end of a layoff—or feeling existential dread more generally—the timing might be right for a major life change.

Is this the AI renaissance?
Paul van der Boor, Senior Director of Data Science at Prosus, talks about the world of generative AI, the power of collective discovery, and the gap between a shiny proof of concept and a product that people will actually use.

Get compliant without spreadsheets for SOC 2, GDPR, and more promotion
Compliance shouldn’t require countless hours and manual tasks. With 75+ integrations, Drata connects your tech stack to your framework controls—automating evidence collection and risk assessments. Request a demo and receive a special offer here.

Interesting questions

Two EXACTLY the same .jpg images with one image more than twice the file size of the other – Why? (PART 2)
When your metadata is as large as your data.

PhD advisor with apparent mental deterioration
In delicate situations that will affect your career greatly, ask for guidance from a higher power. Like the dean.

Is it possible to generate a file with a given sha256sum checksum?
Sure, if you want to use the computing power of the whole world over the entire lifetime of the universe to reverse engineer it.

What dice do I need to display every integer up to X?
For folks who really like their six-sided dice.

Container query units and fluid typography
Fluid typography is when your font sizes are responsive to your screen size. This has historically been tough to achieve, but not anymore with modern CSS!

A completely non-technical explanation of AI and deep learning
If you’ve ever struggled to explain AI to your non-technical friends and family, here’s a great story-based approach.

The potentially dangerous non-accessibility of cookie notices
Chances are you’ve seen a cookie consent banner somewhere on the internet. If you have to implement them yourself, keep in mind some of these tips to keep your sites accessible.

Five topics you should touch on during the recruitment process
Job hunting can be daunting, and sometimes you draw a blank when they ask if you have questions. Here are some topics to keep in your back pocket.

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