The Overflow #179: Brag about your code

MVC in the WWW, radioactive dryers, and the 11ty bundle.

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Welcome to ISSUE #179 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: chatting about OWASP ZAP, computing with rolling stones, and jQuery lives.

From the blog

Keep ‘em separated: Get better maintainability in web projects using the model-view-controller pattern stackoverflow.blog MVC is an old pattern, but it’s still relevant to web apps.

Stung by OWASP? Chatting with the creator of the most popular web app scanner (Ep. 570) stackoverflow.blog Simon Bennetts, founder and project lead of OWASP ZAP, joins the home team to talk about how he came to create the world’s most-used web app scanner, why open-source projects need long-term contributors, and how recent AI advancements could introduce new security vulnerabilities.

Great code isn’t enough. Developers need to brag about it (Ep. 571) stackoverflow.blog On this episode we chat with Dagna Bieda, a career coach who specializes in helping developers and engineers level up their careers. She shares why developers should promote the value of their contributions, how soft skills can make or break a coding career, and why a moment of burnout inspired her to start coaching.

Automate your pre-merge workflow for dev efficiency promotion Are your pull requests getting stuck in review? This workshop will help you create organization-wide code review automation with programmable workflows and policy as code to unblock the merge process and improve development efficiency, quality, and security. Register now!

Interesting questions

Apollo: what was the big deal? space.stackexchange.com Pfft, first man in space. My kid could do that.

Does a rock falling down a hill perform computation? philosophy.stackexchange.com And it can run Doom, too.

Why is my dryer radioactive? physics.stackexchange.com Time to find out what the half life of socks is.

What is the ideal apocalypse for raising well adjusted children? worldbuilding.stackexchange.com Parenting books have gotten out of hand these days.

Links from around the web

How to debug browser redirects dodov.dev Redirects are tough to discover and debug because they’re subtle and instantaneous. Here are some good methods for working with them!

The 11ty Bundle 11tybundle.dev If you’re looking to try out the 11ty web framework, this massive collection of resources makes it easier for you to get started!

Design and navigation considerations when building multi-platform applications platform.uno If you’re building for more than one platform, you have to consider how your applications will look across every screen your users see.

jQuery 3.7.0 released: Staying in order blog.jquery.com Believe it or not, jQuery still lives on, is updated, and remains one of the most popular libraries to this day.

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