The Overflow #183: Dev Survey on AI: Hype or not?

The birth of Agile, taking notes in an interview, and CSS nesting

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Welcome to ISSUE #183 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: The Developer Survey results are here, the advantages of public key cryptography over symmetric keys, and the reasons why AI won't fix accessibility.

From the blog

2023 Developer Survey results are in: the latest trends in technology and work from the Stack Overflow community stackoverflow.blog The tech that developers love, the languages they hate, and how work is changing.

Hype or not? AI’s benefits for developers explored in the 2023 Developer Survey stackoverflow.blog We want to know: Is AI making a real impact on the way developers work or is it all hype?

The meeting that changed how we build software (Ep. 579) stackoverflow.blog Jim Highsmith, an original signatory on the Agile Manifesto, tells Ben and Ryan about what software development looked like at the time of the Apollo program, the evolution of user interface, and the meeting where “17 adventurous techies changed the world.”

BigQuery Editions and What You Need to Know promotion Get up-to-date on the new BigQuery Editions. Discover what you need to know about the new pricing and compute model of BigQuery with DoiT’s guide.

Interesting questions

Velocity needed for bullet to circumnavigate earth and land at our feet math.stackexchange.com Around the world in 8mm.

Does public key cryptography provide any security advantages, or even just a different security model, over symmetric cryptography? security.stackexchange.com Fewer secrets means simpler security between two parties.

Interviewer complained that I was taking notes workplace.stackexchange.com The recording device was college-ruled!

Memory doesn’t seem to be compatible with my ASUS motherboard, how can I solve the issue? superuser.com Shocking how much electricity matters when putting together a custom computer.

Links from around the web

Always the same warning signs www.science.org Discover the cautionary tale of a biotech firm plagued by reproducibility issues and scientific misconduct, exposing the importance of transparency and robust research practices in the industry.

The gotchas of CSS nesting kilianvalkhof.com It’s exciting to see nesting come to modern CSS, but there’s some unexpected things you might not know about.

No, ‘AI’ will not fix accessibility adrianroselli.com AI is trained on patterns. But if the patterns are often broken, what does this mean for the output?

What is a vector database? www.pinecone.io How do vector databases work? What algorithms do they use? Here’s the answers to all your questions.

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