Improving the developer experience in the energy sector

And how software underlies the second-largest electric vehicle charging network.

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Software might not be top of mind when you think of an energy company like Shell, but software engineering powers a lot of what they do. The tech stack includes React, Golang, Python, GraphQL, MongoDB, Kafka, and the list goes on. The experience their developers have at work is a priority for the organization and its leaders.

On this sponsored episode of the podcast, Ben and Ryan talk with Abhai Bhargava, Native Software Engineering and Experience Design Capability Centre Manager at Shell. They discuss how Abhai and his team use software in their business, dive into the software behind the world’s second-largest electric vehicle charging network, and speculate on what the most energy-efficient programming language might be.

Episode notes:

Find out why others have joined Shell.

If you want to experience what being a developer at one of the world’s largest energy companies looks like, they’re hiring.

You can connect with Abhai on LinkedIn.

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