The Overflow #189: OverflowAI!

Life on the Python Steering Council, early meetings, and boring architecture

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Welcome to ISSUE #189 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: all about the AI features coming to Stack Overflow products, whether to jump into cold water or dip gradually, and how a 17th-century font made its way into the 21st.

From the blog

Announcing OverflowAI stackoverflow.blog Let’s explore all the new features and products we announced from the stage of WeAreDevelopers.

Platform engineering is just DevOps with a product mindset stackoverflow.blog DevOps has helped lots of organizations improve their processes, but others have only seen frustration and burnout. Here’s how to get it right.

What it’s like to be on the Python Steering Council (Ep. 592) stackoverflow.blog In part one of this interview, Ben and senior software engineer Kyle Mitofsky talk with Pablo Galindo Salgado, a Python core developer and Python Steering Council member.

How the Python team is adapting the language for an AI future (Ep. 593) stackoverflow.blog In part two of their conversation, hear about balancing consistency and new features in language design, the importance of gathering community feedback on new iterations, and why the Steering Council is focused on making Python faster.

Learn about Innovation Labs at Citi from the Global Head - Nimrod B. promotion Global Head of Innovation Labs gives insight to how we’re building the future of banking. Encompassing a broad range of specialties, roles and cultures, our tech teams at Citi are creating innovations used across the globe. Join us.

Interesting questions

My boss wants me to attend a meeting every day before work hours workplace.stackexchange.com Tell them you’d like them to speak to your manager.

What information can you get with only a private IP address? security.stackexchange.com It’ll tell you you can’t get there from here.

Cold water swimming - go in quickly? or slowly? outdoors.stackexchange.com How to avoid triggering your gasp reflex and possibly drowning.

How does the air conditioner app on my phone access my aircon controller through my router? superuser.com More importantly, could a malicious actor turn off my air conditioner on hot days?

Links from around the web

A 17th-century font in a 21st-century thesis www.linyangchen.com A lot of work goes into the fonts we use everyday. But have you considered the fonts used hundreds of years ago?

Stick to boring architecture for as long as possible addyosmani.com It’s tempting to use the latest and greatest technologies, but sometimes it’s nice (and better) to use ol’ reliable.

Putting the “You” in CPU cpu.land What exactly happens when you do something on your computer?

Can we query the root container? www.oddbird.net Container queries are weird in CSS. Fortunately, there are workarounds to those funky browser bugs.

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