Being creative with math: The immersive artist who traded a sketchpad for a keyboard

On this sponsored episode, Ben, Cassidy, and Ryan are joined by Luyang Zou, who is a creative coder, artist, architect, and Ambassador for today’s sponsor, Logitech. They chat about the amazing immersive spaces he creates with a keyboard and mouse, the process (and Processing), and the software and hardware he uses.

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Credit: Alexandra Francis


Check out Luyang’s work at his website or in this Youtube playlist.

To make these animations, Luyang uses Processing, a 20-year-old language that started out as a visual way to teach programming but evolved into a professional development tool.

Logitech selected Luyang as one of the ambassadors to show off what you can do with their MX Keys S Combo.

Shout out to George Profenza for dropping a top answer on Position of a vector in coordinate system (Processing/p5.js).


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