USB-C for all, PHP 4EVA, and what do LLMs actually know (if anything)?

Ben and Ryan settle in for a wide-ranging discussion about whether large language models know anything, whether language ability is unique to humans, and what the end of the Hollywood writers’ strike says about the future of AI-generated content.

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Credit: Alexandra Francis

Ben is watching AI Explained, a YouTube channel that covers the latest AI developments and their implications.

Read Ryan’s article ​​Do large language models know what they are talking about?.

Is language really unique to humans? New research suggests maybe not.

Not for the first time, Ryan recommends the work of Noam Chomsky: Why Only Us: Language and Evolution, an evolutionary account of language acquisition in humans written with Robert C. Berwick.

OverflowAI search is now available for alpha testing. Learn more here.

Good news for your cable clutter: Apple is switching to USB-C charging ports. Here’s when.

The WGA (Writers Guild of America) strike ended with an agreement that “allows for artificial intelligence as a tool, not a replacement,” but the arguments about creativity, copyright, and AI are far from over.

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