He helped create Jira. Now he's searching for meaningful engineering metrics

Dylan Etkin, founder and CEO of Sleuth, joins Ryan to talk all things engineering efficiency, DORA metrics, continuous delivery, and how his psychology degree has proven useful in his work as an engineering manager and startup founder.

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Credit: Alexandra Francis

Sleuth helps engineering teams systematically improve efficiency by tracking speed and release quality, preventing slowdowns and bottlenecks, and removing toil and unnecessary friction. Try it for free or see how teams are using Sleuth. Interested in the automations they offer for teams, check out their public marketplace.

Dylan was an original architect on JIRA, so he’s not exactly new to issue- and project-tracking software.

DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) is a research program that tries to understand what drives successful software delivery and operations performance.

According to Dylan, one thing the best development teams have in common is their culture of continuous learning.

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