Will developers return to hostile offices?

Ben, Ryan, and Eira convene to discuss return-to-office mandates, what’s surprising about employee attrition in 2023, and how technology can preserve digital records of cultural heritage sites before they’re lost for good.

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Credit: Alexandra Francis

As the year winds to a close, some big employers are facing lower-than-expected attrition rates—in other words, fewer people than expected are quitting. What a difference a year or two makes.

People have strong opinions on the return-to-office conversation. Read Eira’s article and let us know how you feel.

We are just beginning to explore the effects of prompting on the capabilities and performance of LLMs.

The Humane AI pin can be described as a cross between two of humanity’s most beloved technologies: Google Glass and the pager.

People are using low-cost drones, 3D printers, and private satellites to preserve irreplaceable cultural heritage sites before they are destroyed or lost to time. (Stay tuned while Eira figures out how to apply this tech as a cemetery tour guide.)

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