Building a PDF larger than the known universe

On this home team episode: Massachusetts makes a welcome shift toward skills-based hiring, AI-generated content robs us of our appetite for mac and cheese, and large-scale crypto mining operations account for more than 2% of the US’s electricity generation. Plus: A PDF quite a bit bigger than Germany.

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Credit: Alexandra Francis

Is it possible to make a PDF bigger than Germany? Here’s one larger than the known universe. As its creator says, “it’s mostly empty space, but so is the universe.”

Massachusetts is leading the way in the skills-based hiring revolution by eliminating degree requirements for state jobs.

Did you miss these deeply uncanny AI-generated food images, from the conjoined chickens to the macaroni and cheese rendered in shapes formerly unknown to geometry? Never fear; you can still see some here.

You may have forgotten about crypto (or at least tried), but more than 2% of the United States’s electricity generation goes to large-scale crypto mining.

Stack Overflow user Jeff Allen earned a Great Question badge for Create a Vector of All Days Between Two Dates, which has helped 85,000 R users.


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