Michael Churchman

Michael Churchman started out in the early years of the game industry, as a scriptwriter, editor, and producer. During the 90s, he worked in the high-pressure bundled software industry, where the move from waterfall to faster release was well under way, and near-continuous release cycles and automated deployment were already de facto standards. There, he developed a semi-automated system for managing localization in over fifteen languages. For over a decade, he has been involved in the analysis of software development processes and related engineering management issues. He is a regular Fixate.io contributor.
abm October 1, 2019

Reduce distractions on your team

How can you reduce distractions and keep your team focused on the key tasks at hand? We’re not talking about obvious diversions such as Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. For the most part, those are not the distractions that you need to worry about, since goal-oriented team members are likely to dip into them and then…