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talent April 6, 2020

How to run successful developer interviews remotely.

Everyone has their own opinions on the nuances of interviewing developers, but interviewing candidates virtually presents its own set of challenges. Here are a few tips to help you effectively evaluate remote developers and create a best-in-class remote interview experience.  Before the interview Let them know what to expect. Not only do developers hate brainteaser…
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talent April 2, 2020

3 stats employers need to know about Gen Z

Over the next few years, the first batch of true digital natives will enter the workforce. Because of their lifelong technical aptitude, they bring skills to the table that have the potential to seriously level-up your work culture. To get to know them, you need to understand them on a personal level. In this blog post, we round up a set of stats to help you.
talent March 17, 2020

How Gen Z’s values will level-up your engineering culture

Tech workers of the next generation will demand a different workplace - and improve it for everyone. Here’s how you can support them by taking tangible steps to offer mentorship, learning about their commitments to social responsibility, and giving them a clear path to help them define their roles.
talent March 13, 2020

“Remote means the freedom to work for a top tech company without having to be based in a big city.”

Clevertech is a software development company, building bespoke solutions for clients with complicated challenges in niche industries. With a fully remote team of 200 developers, we spoke with the CEO, Kuty Shalev, to find out more about who and how they hire on Stack Overflow. What are some of the benefits of being a 100%…
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code-for-a-living March 4, 2020

“You need someone to show you how to teach yourself.”

We spoke to Alexandre Plennevaux, Head of Pedagogy at BeCode, the coding school on a mission to close the skill gap by providing accessible, seven-month inclusive bootcamps across Belgium and recruiting students through illegal streaming sites.  You run an intense, seven month-long, full-time bootcamp. Students need to be highly motivated. Why are you advertising on…
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talent February 26, 2020

How tripled their engineering team with Stack Overflow

We recently chatted with Mario Behrendt, Head of Engineering at, who used Stack Overflow to hire one-quarter of his engineering team in the last 12 months. We discuss the hiring process and what quality talent means to him and the team. Congrats on growing your team! You tripled it in the last year.…
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