Podcast #110 - IBM, You're Wrong

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Welcome to The Stack Overflow Podcast recorded Thursday May 18, 2017 at the same place they are always recorded: Stack Overflow HQ in NYC! Today's episode is brought to you by Shabbos Goy, Maori face markings, and the brand new Stack Overflow App! (And no, Windows phone is still not supported…) On today's show:

  • We learn that Vienna is really pretty! Thanks Joel, who knew? Here's the "St Paul's of Apple Streudel" as it is most certainly called, probably:
  • August door locks: "OMG no, just no." - Joel Spolsky
  • Special guest Wade Foster, co-founder and CEO of Zapier, joins us to chat about building a company that is fully remote, as well as some of the advantages and challenges of Zapier's remote-first philosophy. BTW, they're hiring and they'll pay you to "de-locate" from SF.
  • Speaking of remote work, IBM is dismantling its popular remote work policy, giving many workers the choice of relocating to the nearest office, or leave the company altogether. Not surprisingly, Joel and Jay have a few things to say about that…
  • Stack Overflow en Español just graduated! CM Juan Garza is here to tell us about the site, its amazing stats, and the SO community building process.
  • Stack Overflow is now fully converted to HTTPS and Nick Craver has a new blog post chronicling the process: HTTPS on Stack Overflow: The End of a Long Road (12,000 words? Well he did say it was a loooong road.)

This week's Constitution question comes from a listener. The Shaylon Moquett Amendment: If I say "June 1st at midnight," am I referring to the morning of June 1st or the evening? Vote PRO if you are referring to the morning, and CON if you are referring to the evening. Post your answer to twitter using the Hashtag #stackoverflowpodcast, with either PRO or CON and your explanation, short but deep. The best explanation, whether on the winning side or the losing side, will be read on next week's podcast and win a STACK OVERFLOW STICKER, courtesy of us! But really courtesy of Ilana because she is the one who sends them... Last week's winner, answering the question "If you live in a touristy city, like NYC, is it rude to say 'no' if someone asks you to take a picture of them?" is https://twitter.com/drtimwright/status/864414033318789121 Thanks Tim! Watch your DM's for sticker info. Show notes:

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