Companies Hiring Remote Developers Right Now

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Remote work is all over the news right now. IBM’s pulling a Yahoo and forcing all their remote employees to plant themselves in offices or find new jobs. Apple is building a massive 5 billion dollar campus in Silicon Valley, and some are calling it a tone deaf mistake—talent wants flexibility, not a campus they never have to leave. The fact that this vast new campus has everything under the sun except a daycare doesn’t help.

Companies who want to reach the most talented employees know they come in all types, from all areas of the world. Apple and IBM are turning their backs on the talent living in Wyoming or Belarus, and on the working parents who need flexibility and childcare integrated into their workdays.

Here are some companies with their eyes towards the future. They’re all hiring remote developers right now.


Tech Lead

Clevertech is a completely remote team. “World travellers, young parents, nature lovers, and commute avoiders love working here. We are a collective of like minded people in over ten countries, and our global perspective shapes our every move.”

They’re looking for a number of remote employees, including a Tech Lead who will spend 75% of their time coding and leading the team in technical strategy and 25% in project management. If you’re a seasoned programmer and this sounds like a good fit, apply here.


Vice President of Engineering

Another fully remote team, Knock “is an online home selling platform that uses data science to price homes accurately, technology to sell them quickly and a dedicated team of professionals to guide you every step of the way.” Started by the founding team members of Trulia.com, Knock is looking to become the next big brand in the home buying and selling industry.

They’re looking for an experienced Vice President of Engineering to lead their tech team and help the company scale. Apply here.


Security Engineer

GitLab is a fully-remote team looking for a security specialist who will focus on “ensuring that GitLab and associated applications are as secure as possible.” This role requires Ruby on Rails experience and, of course, a keen appreciation for code that is not only effective but secure. Strong communication skills are required as the Security Engineer will be responsible for educating other developers on secure coding best practices.

Learn more and apply here.


Head of Open Source

“As a community, the Toptal network places a great deal of emphasis on mentorship, professional development, and free exchange of knowledge and expertise. Many Toptalers are extremely active open source contributors. As Toptal’s Head of Open Source, you will lead major initiatives designed to support Toptalers pursuing open source interests.”

If you’re active and passionate about open source, have a long history of notable contributions and successful open source projects, and are known as a leader in the open source community, Toptal wants to hear from you. Apply here.


Data Engineer

BigR.io is a consulting firm specializing in cutting-edge Big Data and custom software strategy. They’re in search of a Data Engineer to work on projects that revolve around Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. If you have experience with Spark, Java, Python, and Hadoop, apply here.


Data Engineer

Another Data Engineer role, this one for Zapier, a company known for its remote work culture. In fact, Zapier CEO Wade Foster appeared on the Stack Overflow Podcast this week to discuss his commitment to the remote work movement (Joel and Jay have a few opinions about IBM’s recent announcement in this same podcast; give it a listen!). Learn more about Zapier and apply here.

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