Our 2019 Developer Survey is Open to Coders Everywhere!

What languages do you want to work with next year? Are you more productive in an office or working from home? When did you write your first line of code? We want to hear from you in our annual developer survey! The survey, now in its ninth year, launches today and anyone who codes is encouraged to participate.

Take the 2019 survey!

This year’s survey questions are designed to gain insight into developer career paths, programming languages and tools, working preferences, and overall opinions and feedback. There are some fun questions, too (like previous years’ tabs vs. spaces and gif vs. “jiff”)!

We heard you loud and clear last year when you asked for a shorter survey. We did our best to deliver without sacrificing valuable insight, and we shaved off about five minutes from last year’s survey. The survey should take about 25 minutes to complete. Survey results are used by Stack Overflow, as well as our community, and are picked up by media outlets around the world. Accordingly, we want to make sure we’re putting our best foot forward. If you have feedback as you take the survey or once you complete it, we’d love to hear it!

Keeping with tradition, anonymized survey results will be available publicly under the Open Database License. You’ll be able to download and analyze the dataset later this year, just like we explored last year’s data in our interactive widget below to glean user feedback.

If you use security or ad-blocking plugins, you may see error messages
Our third-party software provider, Qualtrics, does not work well with certain ad blockers and security software. To avoid error messages that prevent you from taking the survey, please try specifically unblocking Qualtrics in your plugin or pausing the plugin while you take the survey.

What do users say about Stack Overflow?

On the 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, we asked users what the best, worst, most exciting, and most annoying things about Stack Overflow are.

Here are their answers.

Certain survey answers are treated as personally identifiable information, and therefore excluded from the anonymized results. These questions are highlighted in the survey with a note saying, “This information will be kept private.”

The survey is expected to close on February 12th. If you’re a registered user who completes the survey in its entirety, you have the option to get the Census badge on Stack Overflow or a different technical site in the Stack Exchange network. (If you’re not yet a registered user, sign up here.)

Thanks in advance for your time and thoughtfulness!


Khalid El Khatib
VP, Marketing and Communications

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  1. George Elsham says:

    You mentioned the survey closes on 12th February, but I can’t find when the results are revealed. When is it shown?

    1. Eugen Sunic says:

      Would like to know the answer too!

    2. Results are usually posted a few weeks to a few months after, once the staff has had time to put everything together and go over it.

  2. Surveys are not a good way to collect this kind of data.. :/

  3. Peter Boughton says:

    “Our third-party software [has trouble with] ad blockers and security software.”

    Let us know when that bug is fixed and I’ll consider taking the survey.

    Nobody gets to be exempt from malware blocking – *especially* not those who ask!

  4. Survey Taker says:

    Your survey asks questions that can have multiple “correct” answers but only allow a single answer — for example, “How is your organization thinking about or implementing blockchain technology?”. Three of the answers are true for my company.

    Similarly, “Blockchain / cryptocurrency technology is primarily:” — I want to select two answers (decentralized currency *and* immutable record-keeping)

  5. Ed Singleton says:

    I’ve tried the survey in Firefox and Safari, and it doesn’t work in either of them. In Firefox I get “Sorry, an unexpected error occurred”. In Safari it never loads. Just a spinning blue thing in the middle of the page.

    I image the results of this survey are going to be heavily skewed to the only browsers they bothered to test it in.

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