Making Sense of the Metadata: Clustering 4,000 Stack Overflow tags with BigQuery k-means

Felipe Hoffa, a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud, explains how he used BigQuery to organize Stack Overflow tags into interesting groups.

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How would you group more than 4,000 active Stack Overflow tags into meaningful groups? This is a perfect task for unsupervised learning and k-means clustering — and now you can do all this inside BigQuery. Let’s find out how.

Felipe Hoffa is a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud. In this post he works with BigQuery - Google's serverless data warehouse - to run k-means clustering over Stack Overflow's published dataset, which is refreshed and uploaded to Google's Cloud once a quarter. You can check out more about working with Stack Overflow data and BigQuery here and here.

4,000+ tags are a lot

These are the most active Stack Overflow tags since 2018 — they’re a lot. In this picture I only have 240 tags — how would you group and categorize 4,000+ of them?

# Tags with >180 questions since 2018
SELECT tag, COUNT(*) questions
FROM `fh-bigquery.stackoverflow_archive.201906_posts_questions`,
  UNNEST(SPLIT(tags, '|')) tag
WHERE creation_date > '2018-01-01'
HAVING questions>180

Hint: Co-occurring tags

Let’s find tags that usually go together:

These groupings make sense:

  • ‘javascript’ is related to ‘html’.
  • ‘python’ is related to ‘pandas’.
  • ‘c#’ is related to ‘.net’.
  • ‘typescript’ is related to ‘angular’.
  • etc…

So I’ll take these relationships and I’ll save them on an auxiliary table — plus a percentage of how frequently a relationship happens for each tag.

CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE `deleting.stack_overflow_tag_co_ocurrence`
WITH data AS (
  FROM `fh-bigquery.stackoverflow_archive.201906_posts_questions`
  WHERE creation_date > '2018-01-01'
), active_tags AS (
  SELECT tag, COUNT(*) c
  FROM data, UNNEST(SPLIT(tags, '|')) tag
  HAVING c>180

SELECT *, questions/questions_tag1 percent
    SELECT *, MAX(questions) OVER(PARTITION BY tag1) questions_tag1
    FROM (
        SELECT tag1, tag2, COUNT(*) questions
        FROM data, UNNEST(SPLIT(tags, '|')) tag1, UNNEST(SPLIT(tags, '|')) tag2
        WHERE tag1 IN (SELECT tag FROM active_tags)
        AND tag2 IN (SELECT tag FROM active_tags)
        GROUP BY 1,2
        HAVING questions>30

One-hot encoding

Now get ready for some SQL magic. BigQuery ML does a good job of hot-encoding strings, but it doesn’t handle arrays as I wish it did (stay tuned). So I’m going to create a string first that will define all the columns where I want to find co-occurrence. Then I can use that string to get a huge table, with a 1 for every time a tag co-occurs with the main one at least certain % of time. Let’s see first a subset of these results:

What you see here is a co-occurrence matrix:

  • ‘javascript’ shows a relation to ‘php’, ‘html’, ‘css’, ‘node.js’, and ‘jquery’.
  • ‘android’ shows a relation to ‘java’.
  • ‘machine-learning’ shows a relation to ‘python’, but not the other way around.
  • ‘multi-threading’ shows a relation to ‘python’, ‘java’, ‘c#’, and ‘android`
  • ‘unit-testing’ a relation to almost every column here, except to ‘php’, ‘html’, ‘css’, and ‘jquery’.

You can reduce or augment the sensibility of these relations with the percent threshold:

SELECT tag1 
,IFNULL(ANY_VALUE(IF(tag2='javascript',1,null)),0) Xjavascript
,IFNULL(ANY_VALUE(IF(tag2='python',1,null)),0 ) Xpython
,IFNULL(ANY_VALUE(IF(tag2='java',1,null)),0) Xjava
,IFNULL(ANY_VALUE(IF(tag2='c#',1,null)),0) XcH
,IFNULL(ANY_VALUE(IF(tag2='android',1,null)),0) Xandroid
,IFNULL(ANY_VALUE(IF(tag2='php',1,null)),0) Xphp
,IFNULL(ANY_VALUE(IF(tag2='html',1,null)),0) Xhtml
,IFNULL(ANY_VALUE(IF(tag2='css',1,null)),0) Xcss
,IFNULL(ANY_VALUE(IF(tag2='node.js',1,null)),0) XnodeDjs
,IFNULL(ANY_VALUE(IF(tag2='jquery',1,null)),0) Xjquery
,SUM(questions) questions_tag1
FROM `deleting.stack_overflow_tag_co_ocurrence`
WHERE percent>0.03
ORDER BY questions_tag1 DESC 

K-means clustering time

Now — instead of using this small table, let’s use the whole table to compute k-means with BigQuery. With this line, I’m creating a one-hot encoding string that I can use later to define the 4,000+ columns I’ll use for k-means:

one_hot_big = client.query("""
  FORMAT("IFNULL(ANY_VALUE(IF(tag2='%s',1,null)),0)X%s", tag2, REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(tag2,'-','_'),'.','D'),'#','H'),'+','P')) 
) one_hot
  SELECT tag2, SUM(questions) questions 
  FROM `deleting.stack_overflow_tag_co_ocurrence`
  GROUP BY tag2
  # ORDER BY questions DESC
  # LIMIT 10

And training a k-means model in BigQuery is really easy:

CREATE MODEL `deleting.kmeans_tagsubtag_50_big_a_01`
    num_clusters=50 )
WITH tag_and_subtags AS (
    SELECT tag1, %s
    FROM `deleting.stack_overflow_tag_co_ocurrence`
    WHERE percent>0.03
    GROUP BY tag1
FROM tag_and_subtags

Now we wait — while BigQuery shows us the progress of our training:

And when it’s done, we even get an evaluation of our model: Davies–Bouldin index: 1.8530 Mean squared distance: 0.8174

Performance note

Do we really need 4,000 one-hot encoded dimensions to obtain better clusters? Turns out that 500 are enough — and I like the results better. It also reduces the time for training the model in BigQuery from 24 minutes to 3. The same with only 30 dimensions lowers the time to 90 seconds — but I like the results better with 500. More on hyper-parameter tuning below.

Davies–Bouldin index: 1.6910 Mean squared distance: 0.52332

Get ready for the results: The 50 clusters are...

Now it’s time to see our results. I’ll even look out for some tags I'm interested in: How are google, amazon, and azure represented in each cluster? These are the 50 groups that k-means clustering found — given the 1-hot encoding of related tags we did earlier in this post. Some results make a lot of sense — while others give great insight into what are the prevalent surrounding technologies to any Stack Overflow tag. Naming each centroid is always a challenge. Here I used the top 5 centroid weight vectors — see how below.

centroid 45: amazon-web-services, aws-lambda, amazon-s3, amazon-ec2, python ----- amazon-web-services, amazon-s3, aws-lambda, amazon-ec2, amazon-dynamodb, terraform, aws-sdk, amazon-cloudformation, amazon-redshift, aws-api-gateway, amazon-cognito, boto3, cloud, alexa, amazon-rds, amazon-elastic-beanstalk, amazon-ecs, alexa-skills-kit, amazon-cloudfront, serverless, aws-cli, amazon-iam, amazon-cloudwatch, elastic-beanstalk, amazon-sqs, serverless-framework, amazon-athena, aws-amplify, aws-appsync, amazon-sns, alexa-skill, amazon-route53, amazon, amazon-kinesis, amazon-sagemaker, autoscaling, amazon-elb, amazon-ses, aws-cognito, aws-iot, terraform-provider-aws, api-gateway, amazon-vpc, aws-serverless, aws-codepipeline, aws-codebuild, amazon-rds-aurora, bitnami, amazon-lex, aws-step-functions, aws-code-deploy, aws-iam, aws-fargate, dynamodb-queries, boto amazon: amazon-cognito, amazon-ses, amazon-redshift, aws-lambda, amazon-ecs, amazon-s3, amazon-web-services, amazon-athena, aws-api-gateway, amazon-rds, amazon, amazon-cloudfront, amazon-lex, aws-iot, amazon-elb, aws-code-deploy, amazon-cloudwatch, aws-cli

centroid 17: android, java, android-layout, android-recyclerview, kotlin ----- android, json, xml, kotlin, android-studio, android-recyclerview, android-layout, android-fragments, xslt, serialization, android-intent, retrofit2, android-activity, android-room, nullpointerexception, retrofit, gson, android-volley, textview, android-viewpager, xml-parsing, recycler-adapter, android-edittext, android-sqlite, protocol-buffers, xsd, deserialization, android-constraintlayout, android-asynctask, fragment, android-architecture-components, android-livedata, imageview, scrollview, android-databinding, android-glide, android-animation, xquery, xslt-1.0, android-jetpack, android-manifest, navigation-drawer, adapter, bottomnavigationview, xslt-2.0, android-toolbar, onclicklistener, android-tablayout, android-cardview, android-spinner, android-adapter, picasso, android-linearlayout, transformation, android-drawable, android-architecture-navigation, android-imageview, android-custom-view, json-deserialization, android-view, android-actionbar, searchview, biztalk, android-coordinatorlayout, android-lifecycle, android-softkeyboard, floating-action-button, recyclerview-layout, swipe, android-relativelayout, android-xml, android-collapsingtoolbarlayout, android-button, android-scrollview, saxon, android-nestedscrollview, android-styles, xml-namespaces, xsl-fo, android-fragmentactivity, android-dialogfragment, android-viewholder, xml-serialization

centroid 7: android, java, javascript, ios, python ----- android-gradle, bluetooth, rx-java2, build.gradle, dependencies, rx-java, google-play, sdk, android-ndk, corda, video-streaming, android-emulator, libgdx, android-webview, apk, location, java-native-interface, google-play-services, dagger-2, adb, codenameone, android-8.0-oreo, google-places-api, android-notifications, android-studio-3.0, broadcastreceiver, speech-recognition, arcore, sharedpreferences, streaming, gps, android-service, version, coordinates, androidx, native, sms, here-api, android-camera, android-permissions, uri, android-mediaplayer, locale, vert.x, exoplayer, google-maps-markers, settings, alarmmanager, spinner, proguard, okhttp3, text-to-speech, okhttp, updates, android-camera2, android-source, whatsapp, nfc, share, inputstream, google-fabric, xmpp, calculator, manifest, wifi, mpandroidchart, android-9.0-pie, rx-android, call, android-workmanager, mp4, hls, video-processing, release, barcode, android-support-library, alertdialog, android-viewmodel, dji-sdk, barcode-scanner, filepath, sip, google-cloud-messaging, gradle-plugin, android-arrayadapter, screen, payment, toolbar, google-play-console, dagger, mp3, indexoutofboundsexception, ejabberd, httpurlconnection, libraries, android-proguard, coroutine, h.264, simpledateformat, jacoco, background-process, rtsp, offline, root, sensor, splash-screen, android-bluetooth, android-testing, android-resources, android-tv, emulation, android-bitmap, android-listview, multipart, chromecast, android-broadcastreceiver, video-capture, google-maps-android-api-2, pojo, android-canvas, visibility, broadcast, google-play-games, dao, kotlin-android-extensions, avd, lint, android-jobscheduler, android-library, kotlinx.coroutines, firebase-mlkit, expandablelistview, obfuscation, android-contentprovider, appcelerator, mvp, live-streaming, in-app-billing, android-context, audio-streaming, arabic, android-alertdialog, kotlin-coroutines, zxing, android-videoview, fingerprint, braintree, audio-recording, deprecated, job-scheduling, android-wifi, wear-os, bottom-sheet, android-things, device, marker, right-to-left, google-login, mobile-application, media-player, countdowntimer, opengl-es-2.0, nullable, face-detection, exoplayer2.x, android-8.1-oreo, beacon, drawable, gradlew, mapbox-android, classnotfoundexception, parcelable, android-keystore, voice-recognition, toast, aar, google-places, android-theme, android-progressbar, paging, accelerometer, playback, gradle-kotlin-dsl, samsung-mobile, photo, ibeacon, android-appcompat, noclassdeffounderror, branch.io, rtmp, sceneform, foreground-service, google-cast, appcelerator-titanium, android-widget, logcat, android-pendingintent, android-fileprovider, android-gps, sha1, jodatime, android-sensors, android-appbarlayout, surfaceview, mpeg-dash, android-mvvm google: google-maps-android-api-2, google-play-services, google-fabric, google-places, google-places-api, google-play-console, google-cast, google-login, google-maps-markers, google-play-games, google-play, google-cloud-messaging

centroid 28: angular, typescript, javascript, angular6, angular5 ----- angular, typescript, angular6, angular5, rxjs, angular-material, angular7, service, observable, routing, angular-cli, components, angular-reactive-forms, karma-jasmine, primeng, ag-grid, angularfire2, angular-material2, ngrx, reactive-programming, httpclient, angular-ui-router, angular-routing, lazy-loading, rxjs6, ngfor, angular-forms, angular-httpclient, angular2-routing, angular-components, angular-router, rx-swift, ng-bootstrap, angular2-forms, angular-universal, angular2-template, angular-services, angular-directive, material, angular4-forms, ngx-bootstrap, typescript2.0, angular2-services, ngrx-store, subscription, rxjs5, angular2-directives, ngrx-effects, angular-material-6, angular-cli-v6, angular-http-interceptors, redux-observable, subscribe, angular-pipe, angular-promise, angular2-observables, reactivex, angular-ngmodel, angular-cdk, tsconfig

centroid 20: apache-spark, java, scala, hadoop, python ----- apache-spark, scala, pyspark, apache-kafka, hadoop, apache-spark-sql, hive, cassandra, apache-flink, jupyter, hdfs, bigdata, playframework, spark-streaming, sbt, apache-nifi, hiveql, apache-kafka-streams, akka, hbase, pyspark-sql, mapreduce, kafka-consumer-api, rdd, spark-dataframe, amazon-emr, yarn, user-defined-functions, parquet, cassandra-3.0, cluster-computing, avro, databricks, apache-kafka-connect, aws-glue, spark-structured-streaming, flink-streaming, kerberos, apache-zookeeper, sqoop, confluent, presto, kafka-producer-api, impala, akka-stream, hadoop2, apache-spark-mllib, traits, apache-zeppelin, cloudera, datastax, apache-storm, distributed-computing, akka-http, data-modeling, apache-spark-dataset, guice, google-cloud-dataproc, gatling, jmx, hortonworks-data-platform, apache-pig, apache-spark-ml, oozie, azure-databricks, scalatest, cql, playframework-2.6, datastax-enterprise, phoenix, confluent-schema-registry, mesos, implicit, implicit-conversion, ksql, scala-collections, spark-submit, hdinsight, ambari google: google-cloud-dataproc amazon: amazon-emr, aws-glue azure: azure-databricks

centroid 12: bash, python, linux, shell, java ----- macos, ubuntu, ansible, ssh, raspberry-pi, terminal, vim, raspberry-pi3, subprocess, environment-variables, centos, console, command-line-interface, pipe, arguments, jq, homebrew, iot, applescript, printf, escaping, sftp, windows-subsystem-for-linux, raspbian, exec, redhat, stdout, zsh, alias, wget, eval, paramiko, filenames, glob, command-line-arguments, stdin, remote-access, sudo, file-permissions, slurm, putty, gpio, tar, tmux, rsync, expect, ksh, jsch, scp, ssh-tunnel, cat, portforwarding, openssh

centroid 8: c#, .net, asp.net-core, .net-core, java ----- logging, exception, error-handling, azure-functions, reflection, configuration, azure-cosmosdb, f#, logstash, exception-handling, azure-web-sites, elastic-stack, azure-service-fabric, console-application, try-catch, wix, azure-application-insights, nunit, core, autofac, xunit, dapper, nest, nhibernate, dotnet-httpclient, nlog, httpwebrequest, serilog, log4net, inversion-of-control, identity, unity-container, webclient, blazor, .net-standard-2.0, system.reactive, clr, type-inference, asp.net-core-signalr, asp.net-core-identity, app-config, masstransit, fluentd, google-cloud-stackdriver, winston, .net-framework-version, ninject, .net-core-2.0, claims-based-identity, syslog, kestrel-http-server google: google-cloud-stackdriver azure: azure-cosmosdb, azure-web-sites, azure-functions, azure-application-insights, azure-service-fabric

centroid 18: c#, asp.net, asp.net-mvc, asp.net-core, entity-framework ----- c#, asp.net, .net, asp.net-mvc, asp.net-core, .net-core, entity-framework, linq, asp.net-web-api, model-view-controller, iis, entity-framework-core, dependency-injection, razor, asp.net-core-2.0, asp.net-core-mvc, wcf, entity-framework-6, json.net, kendo-ui, asp.net-core-webapi, webforms, asp.net-mvc-5, identityserver4, asp.net-identity, asp.net-web-api2, asp.net-core-2.1, asp.net-mvc-4, signalr, odata, kendo-grid, automapper, c#-4.0, web-config, razor-pages, windows-services, moq, ado.net, aspnetboilerplate, ef-code-first, ef-core-2.0, asp.net-core-2.2, linq-to-sql, asp-classic, umbraco, ef-core-2.1, asp.net-ajax, ef-migrations, iis-8, connection-string, windows-authentication, linq-to-entities, repository-pattern, swashbuckle, npgsql, iis-7, dbcontext, hangfire, iis-10, iis-express, model-binding, ef-core-2.2, windows-server-2012, signalr-hub, iis-7.5, linq-to-xml

centroid 10: c#, azure, python, java, javascript ----- azure, botframework, azure-sql-database, bots, azure-storage, chatbot, timeout, azure-storage-blobs, report, ssrs-2012, azure-data-factory, telegram-bot, azure-web-app-service, expression, azure-logic-apps, ibm-watson, refactoring, domain-driven-design, azureservicebus, gzip, azure-resource-manager, azure-iot-hub, twilio-api, azure-data-factory-2, azure-data-lake, vpn, azure-virtual-machine, microsoft-teams, luis, string-formatting, game-physics, google-assistant-sdk, ssrs-2008, game-development, ads, mesh, windows-7, virtual-reality, vuforia, microsoft-cognitive, azure-webjobs, azure-keyvault, azure-api-management, credentials, directx, facebook-messenger, collision-detection, arm-template, sprite, rdlc, game-engine, azure-search, azure-eventhub, physics, azure-blob-storage, desktop-application, factory, software-design, hololens, u-sql, installer, collision, azure-cli, reporting, google-home, azure-table-storage, azure-cognitive-services, unityscript, startup, azure-bot-service, mysql-connector, ienumerable, qnamaker, instantiation, builder, ssrs-tablix, azure-cosmosdb-sqlapi, azure-stream-analytics, quaternions, reportviewer, skype, azure-machine-learning-studio, azure-servicebus-queues, skype-for-business, ssrs-2008-r2, azure-virtual-network, win-universal-app, azure-log-analytics, unity5, csom, dialogflow-fulfillment google: google-assistant-sdk, google-home azure: azure-webjobs, azure-log-analytics, azure-virtual-machine, azure-sql-database, azure-api-management, azure-iot-hub, azure-web-app-service, azure-data-factory-2, azure-table-storage, azure-servicebus-queues, azure-bot-service, azure-virtual-network, azure-data-factory, azure-cognitive-services, azure-blob-storage, azure-storage-blobs, azure-logic-apps, azure-resource-manager

centroid 44: c#, javascript, java, oauth-2.0, php ----- api, authentication, security, facebook, oauth-2.0, spring-security, cookies, jwt, azure-active-directory, cors, postman, microsoft-graph, login, oauth, microservices, active-directory, ldap, jhipster, authorization, passport.js, keycloak, token, azure-ad-b2c, single-sign-on, passwords, sharepoint-online, telegram, spring-security-oauth2, single-page-application, linkedin, google-signin, openid-connect, session-cookies, owin, csrf, auth0, google-oauth2, saml, access-token, linkedin-api, laravel-passport, saml-2.0, google-authentication, xss, azure-powershell, adal, basic-authentication, azure-ad-graph-api, session-variables, msal, oidc, openid, express-session, bearer-token, logout, refresh-token google: google-authentication, google-signin, google-oauth2 azure: azure-ad-graph-api, azure-active-directory, azure-powershell, azure-ad-b2c

centroid 19: c#, visual-studio, visual-studio-2017, .net, xamarin.forms ----- visual-studio, xamarin, xamarin.forms, visual-studio-2017, xaml, uwp, azure-devops, xamarin.android, build, reporting-services, tfs, ssis, xamarin.ios, nuget, visual-studio-2015, msbuild, crystal-reports, windows-installer, nuget-package, mono, cross-platform, azure-pipelines-release-pipeline, .net-standard, mvvmcross, visual-studio-2019, visual-studio-2010, c++-cli, visual-studio-2013, sql-server-data-tools, roslyn, resharper, publish, mstest, .net-assembly, visual-studio-2012, azure-devops-rest-api, tfs2017, azure-pipelines-build-task, visual-studio-mac, tfs2018, tfsbuild, visual-studio-extensions, visual-studio-debugging, visual-studio-app-center, csproj, tfs2015, vsix, azure-mobile-services, picker, tfvc, xamarin.uwp azure: azure-devops, azure-devops-rest-api, azure-pipelines-release-pipeline, azure-mobile-services, azure-pipelines-build-task

centroid 36: c#, wpf, winforms, javascript, vb.net ----- wpf, vb.net, winforms, user-interface, listview, charts, events, mvvm, datatable, checkbox, data-binding, datagridview, timer, sapui5, gridview, combobox, binding, drag-and-drop, menu, datagrid, knockout.js, popup, window, textbox, styles, treeview, listbox, telerik, uwp-xaml, devexpress, resources, vb6, user-controls, prism, viewmodel, controls, datetimepicker, webbrowser-control, cefsharp, panel, contextmenu, windows-10-universal, wpfdatagrid, windows-forms-designer, custom-controls, wpf-controls, richtextbox, clickonce, observablecollection, picturebox, mvvm-light, gdi+, menuitem, backgroundworker

centroid 2: c++, c, python, linux, java ----- c++, c, c++11, templates, assembly, cmake, gcc, memory, opengl, arduino, makefile, visual-c++, boost, c++17, lua, compiler-errors, x86, linux-kernel, memory-management, compilation, memory-leaks, operating-system, io, c++14, fortran, arm, serial-port, cuda, char, language-lawyer, segmentation-fault, clang, linker, stack, gdb, garbage-collection, macros, stl, g++, kernel, embedded, byte, malloc, shared-libraries, out-of-memory, nodes, processing, usb, x86-64, stm32, double, cython, buffer, pthreads, mips, signals, operator-overloading, runtime, gtk, llvm, driver, include, opengl-es, cygwin, operators, bit-manipulation, structure, overloading, nasm, precision, gnu-make, ros, gstreamer, mingw, const, variadic-templates, eigen, heap, gtk3, embedded-linux, esp8266, linux-device-driver, compiler-construction, warnings, cpu, cross-compiling, clion, qt-creator, profiling, ctypes, std, codeblocks, intel, return-value, system, newline, sdl-2, microcontroller, system-calls, pass-by-reference, valgrind, boost-asio, reverse-engineering, dynamic-memory-allocation, move, linker-errors, googletest, c-preprocessor, heap-memory, static-libraries, function-pointers, sdl, template-meta-programming, benchmarking, arduino-uno, libcurl, interrupt, vtk, x86-16, compiler-optimization, constants, stdvector, 64-bit, binaryfiles, bit, swig, quicksort, shared-memory, eclipse-cdt, constexpr, primes, bitwise-operators, x11, shared-ptr, clang++, glfw, binary-search, header-files, singly-linked-list, arduino-esp8266, ld, i2c, main, multiple-inheritance, gnu, smart-pointers, ram, simd, declaration, esp32, preprocessor, elf, undefined-behavior, bison, qtquick2, sfinae, variadic-functions, mingw-w64, unique-ptr, avr, masm, free, typedef, doubly-linked-list, generic-programming, compiler-warnings, glibc, kernel-module, move-semantics, auto, bootloader, c-strings, inline-assembly, ncurses, mmap, stdmap, glm-math, qmake, bit-shift, endianness, cpu-registers, template-specialization, pid, operator-precedence, memory-address google: googletest

centroid 24: css, html, javascript, bootstrap-4, angular ----- html, css, jquery, html5, css3, bootstrap-4, twitter-bootstrap, flexbox, sass, datatables, highcharts, html-table, twitter-bootstrap-3, layout, frontend, datepicker, drop-down-menu, css-grid, bootstrap-modal, momentjs, responsive-design, modal-dialog, dropdown, grid, responsive, tabs, font-awesome, navbar, carousel, media-queries, themes, tooltip, alignment, overflow, less, css-position, react-bootstrap, border, accordion, dt, css-transforms, angular-ui-bootstrap, nav, z-index, grid-layout, utc, reactstrap, vertical-alignment, pseudo-element, linear-gradients, mixins, collapse, popover, angular-datatables, angular-flex-layout, centering

centroid 31: delphi, c++, c#, winapi, windows ----- delphi, winapi, dll, mfc, com, firemonkey, firebird, c++builder, delphi-10.2-tokyo, pinvoke, pascal, indy

centroid 25: django, python, django-models, django-rest-framework, python-3.x ----- django, django-models, django-rest-framework, django-views, django-forms, django-templates, django-admin, django-queryset, django-orm, django-urls, django-2.0, django-serializer, django-allauth, django-filter, django-class-based-views, django-migrations, serializer

centroid 34: docker, kubernetes, python, google-cloud-platform, java ----- docker, go, kubernetes, elasticsearch, google-cloud-platform, docker-compose, google-app-engine, dockerfile, deployment, rabbitmq, google-cloud-storage, yaml, airflow, google-kubernetes-engine, containers, kibana, google-compute-engine, google-cloud-dataflow, drupal, virtual-machine, apache-beam, openshift, prometheus, ibm-cloud, grpc, docker-swarm, kubernetes-helm, grafana, gcloud, traefik, google-cloud-datastore, kubectl, load-balancing, google-cloud-sql, kubernetes-ingress, monitoring, google-cloud-pubsub, istio, minikube, nginx-reverse-proxy, speech-to-text, alpine, docker-machine, filebeat, google-translate, google-speech-api, iptables, stackdriver, docker-volume, docker-container, azure-aks, nginx-ingress, daemon, google-cloud-vision, google-vision, azure-kubernetes, google-cloud-composer, openshift-origin, kubeadm, dataflow, amazon-eks, service-accounts, rancher, docker-registry, docker-image, nfs, google-cloud-speech, kops, jupyterhub, rbac, google-cloud-endpoints, standard-sql, google-cloud-build, docker-networking google: google-cloud-build, google-cloud-datastore, google-speech-api, google-cloud-dataflow, google-cloud-storage, google-cloud-platform, google-kubernetes-engine, google-cloud-sql, google-cloud-speech, google-compute-engine, google-cloud-composer, google-cloud-endpoints, google-cloud-vision, google-vision, google-cloud-pubsub, google-translate, google-app-engine amazon: amazon-eks azure: azure-aks, azure-kubernetes

centroid 21: excel, vba, excel-vba, c#, python ----- excel, vba, excel-vba, google-sheets, ms-access, excel-formula, powerbi, outlook, sharepoint, ms-word, access-vba, office365, apache-poi, sap, dax, formatting, pivot-table, office-js, runtime-error, match, powerpoint, outlook-vba, formula, access, row, vsto, ssas, multiple-columns, powerquery, spreadsheet, vlookup, average, extract, userform, unique, ms-office, excel-2010, word-vba, ms-access-2010, excel-2016, rows, ms-access-2016, onedrive, openxml, powerbi-desktop, copy-paste, transpose, conditional-formatting, office-addins, office-interop, epplus, xlsxwriter, interop, phpspreadsheet, paste, shapes, offset, powerpivot, win32com, powerbi-embedded, export-to-excel, python-docx, countif, array-formulas, autofill, powerpoint-vba, activex, ms-access-2013, solver, m, business-intelligence, xls, ado, ssas-tabular, adodb, xlrd, delete-row, sumifs, openxml-sdk, excel-interop, add-in, excel-2013, worksheet, excel-addins google: google-sheets

centroid 4: git, github, jenkins, python, docker ----- git, jenkins, github, jenkins-pipeline, gitlab, continuous-integration, sonarqube, bitbucket, jenkins-plugins, gitlab-ci, devops, azure-pipelines, svn, version-control, phpstorm, webhooks, repository, travis-ci, jekyll, artifactory, atom-editor, jira, pipeline, github-pages, teamcity, slack, push, gitlab-ci-runner, git-bash, github-api, continuous-deployment, branch, nexus, circleci, workflow, git-merge, diff, jenkins-groovy, clone, git-submodules, gitignore, atlassian-sourcetree, pull-request, bitbucket-pipelines, patch, commit, git-branch, versioning, mercurial, gnupg, git-commit, gerrit, rebase, open-source, githooks, allure, ssh-keys, git-push azure: azure-pipelines

centroid 33: java, hibernate, spring, spring-boot, jpa ----- hibernate, jpa, spring-data-jpa, spring-data, solr, orm, transactions, spring-batch, wildfly, mapping, many-to-many, lucene, h2, entity, liquibase, jpql, ejb, hql, multi-tenant, persistence, spring-data-rest, hibernate-mapping, eclipselink, querydsl, one-to-many, spring-transactions, hikaricp, criteria, hibernate-criteria, gorm, ehcache, jpa-2.0, criteria-api, entitymanager, transactional

centroid 39: java, python, c#, node.js, android ----- http, ssl, sockets, curl, server, networking, websocket, encryption, https, socket.io, proxy, openssl, tcp, ssl-certificate, cryptography, http-headers, certificate, localhost, udp, mqtt, connection, client, ip, reverse-proxy, network-programming, aes, rsa, port, tls1.2, chat, client-server, lets-encrypt, cloudflare, haproxy, real-time, virtualhost, wireshark, keystore, ipc, x509certificate, zeromq, bouncycastle, django-channels, tcpclient, http-proxy, serversocket, telnet, cryptojs, public-key-encryption, private-key, tcp-ip, x509, client-certificates, certbot, tor, multicast

centroid 30: java, rest, spring, spring-boot, javascript ----- java, spring-boot, spring, rest, maven, eclipse, spring-mvc, tomcat, jsp, jdbc, web-services, soap, servlets, swagger, jackson, java-ee, thymeleaf, netbeans, web-applications, apache-camel, architecture, salesforce, spring-webflux, jersey, httprequest, jax-rs, wsdl, http-post, multipartform-data, tomcat8, soapui, response, resttemplate, cxf, httpresponse, rest-assured, api-design, struts2, soap-client, jstl, restsharp, spring-rest, spring-test, spring-restcontroller, jax-ws, put, endpoint, http-status-codes, struts, spring-web

centroid 22: java, spring-boot, spring, maven, eclipse ----- gradle, intellij-idea, neo4j, jsf, jar, grails, jboss, spring-cloud, spring-integration, jaxb, internationalization, log4j, eclipse-plugin, swagger-ui, jms, websphere, ant, activemq, vaadin, spring-kafka, pom.xml, log4j2, project-reactor, weblogic, java-11, netty, jetty, maven-3, javamail, crud, java-9, spring-cloud-stream, couchbase, ibm-mq, weblogic12c, datasource, glassfish, hazelcast, logback, osgi, hybris, openapi, project, maven-plugin, netflix-eureka, mybatis, cloudfoundry, reactive, eclipse-rcp, swagger-2.0, slf4j, netflix-zuul, quartz-scheduler, jetbrains-ide, spring-boot-actuator, lombok, spring-jdbc, sonarqube-scan, war, cdi, javabeans, tomcat7, interceptor, swt, java-10, freemarker, spring-boot-test, aop, jdbctemplate, dependency-management, spring-cloud-config, aspectj, spring-aop, flyway, amqp, classpath, spring-jms, jackson-databind, spring-cloud-dataflow, spring-websocket, spring-amqp, pivotal-cloud-foundry, spring-cloud-netflix, cucumber-jvm, executable-jar, spring-integration-dsl, swagger-codegen, tomcat9, spring-data-redis, javadoc, jndi, consul, intellij-plugin, dto, maven-surefire-plugin, hystrix, stomp, bean-validation, gateway, mapstruct, birt, spring-tool-suite, properties-file, jackson2, camunda, springfox, spring-data-neo4j, spring-rabbitmq, spring-session, pydev, xtext, servlet-filters, payara, code-formatting, spring-cloud-gateway google: google-maps

centroid 15: javascript, angular, android, typescript, visual-studio-code ----- ionic-framework, npm, visual-studio-code, ionic3, google-maps, cordova, debugging, electron, nativescript, ionic4, ionic2, meteor, autocomplete, geolocation, cordova-plugins, markdown, vscode-settings, phonegap, ide, webstorm, vscode-extensions, decorator, editor, ionic-native, onesignal, keyboard-shortcuts, angular2-nativescript, xdebug, hybrid-mobile-app, intellisense, nativescript-angular, tslint, remote-debugging, html-framework-7, breakpoints, syntax-highlighting, vscode-debugger, pylint, ibm-mobilefirst, jsdoc, nativescript-vue, prettier, windbg, phonegap-plugins, code-snippets, inappbrowser, phonegap-build

centroid 42: javascript, html, c#, android, python ----- unity3d, image, tkinter, svg, animation, canvas, three.js, chart.js, scroll, 3d, html5-canvas, camera, geometry, css-animations, bitmap, rotation, aframe, icons, glsl, shader, fabricjs, rendering, webgl, css-transitions, transform, png, scrollbar, transition, textures, blender, html2canvas, drawing, mask, linechart, draw, jquery-animate, angular-animations, konvajs, raycasting, webvr

centroid 43: javascript, html, jquery, css, reactjs ----- d3.js, leaflet, google-maps-api-3, magento, magento2, ethereum, jquery-ui, cakephp, jinja2, primefaces, extjs, ember.js, fullcalendar, maps, ckeditor, mapbox, solidity, materialize, jquery-select2, dialog, angularjs-directive, recaptcha, openlayers, coldfusion, polymer, gis, react-apollo, styled-components, tinymce, progress-bar, geojson, javascript-events, position, apollo-client, undefined, addeventlistener, sharepoint-2013, semantic-ui, amcharts, web-deployment, joomla, settimeout, render, p5.js, openstreetmap, element, instagram-api, parent-child, liquid, mapbox-gl-js, focus, angularjs-ng-repeat, setinterval, react-admin, alert, polygon, dom-events, web-component, textarea, react-select, href, web3, contact-form-7, zoom, facebook-javascript-sdk, refresh, graphql-js, overlay, height, slick, content-security-policy, jqgrid, html5-audio, delay, anchor, blogger, html-select, child-process, jquery-plugins, width, html-lists, kendo-asp.net-mvc, loading, zurb-foundation, id, bind, whitespace, dropzone.js, onchange, semantic-ui-react, owl-carousel, media, video.js, hide, netlify, background-color, sticky, geocoding, native-base, webpage, inline, tampermonkey, slick.js, form-data, padding, ternary-operator, event-listener, facebook-messenger-bot, underscore.js, formik, jquery-validate, quill, dc.js, highlight, react-table, electron-builder, bulma, jquery-selectors, fullscreen, multi-select, innerhtml, slideshow, parallax, draggable, footer, styling, react-component, jquery-mobile, selector, swiper, infinite-scroll, contenteditable, sidebar, jquery-ui-datepicker, mobx-react, form-submit, shadow-dom, backbone.js, each, margin, html-form, mathjax, jquery-ui-autocomplete, viewport, c3.js, adsense, sweetalert2, web-development-server, keypress, jquery-ui-sortable, facebook-php-sdk, sweetalert, center, font-awesome-5, react-proptypes, placeholder, summernote, font-face, react-context, web-frontend, ref, css-float, parent, wysiwyg, getelementbyid, font-size, higher-order-functions, lifecycle, dropzone, partial-views, asyncstorage, wai-aria, spfx, custom-element, jstree, bootstrap-datepicker, line-breaks, react-dom, fancybox, css-tables, stylesheet, react-google-maps, react-leaflet, timepicker, option, facebook-marketing-api, gsap, crossfilter, draftjs, directive, fixed, show-hide google: react-google-maps, google-maps-api-3

centroid 1: javascript, python, html, java, android ----- wordpress, woocommerce, javafx, swing, google-bigquery, button, google-api, video, google-analytics, plugins, kivy, youtube, onclick, calendar, dynamics-crm, youtube-api, widget, background, slider, radio-button, event-handling, save, amp-html, compression, google-tag-manager, javafx-8, click, hover, fxml, analytics, display, firebase-analytics, mouseevent, resize, background-image, size, listener, google-analytics-api, cross-domain, toggle, jpeg, google-data-studio, google-adwords, rgb, submit, gif, pixel, crop, gallery, tiff, thumbnails, image-resizing, exif, user-experience, src, pillow google: google-adwords, google-bigquery, google-api, google-tag-manager, google-data-studio, google-analytics-api, google-analytics

centroid 26: javascript, reactjs, node.js, typescript, react-native ----- javascript, node.js, reactjs, firebase, react-native, flutter, firebase-realtime-database, webpack, dart, redux, google-cloud-firestore, ecmascript-6, react-redux, firebase-authentication, google-cloud-functions, jestjs, promise, async-await, react-router, firebase-cloud-messaging, import, push-notification, dialogflow, material-ui, module, react-navigation, react-native-android, expo, fetch, gulp, mocha, firebase-storage, actions-on-google, create-react-app, enzyme, material-design, jsx, flutter-layout, lodash, babel, navigation, es6-promise, node-modules, apollo, state, npm-install, babeljs, eslint, gatsby, react-native-ios, javascript-objects, react-router-v4, next.js, yarnpkg, webpack-4, react-hooks, redux-form, prestashop, firebase-security-rules, flowtype, react-router-dom, typescript-typings, webpack-dev-server, antd, redux-saga, redux-thunk, router, package.json, react-native-flatlist, firebase-admin, react-props, react-native-navigation, mobx, firebaseui, es6-modules, firebase-hosting, aurelia, pm2, immutability, serverside-rendering, action, setstate, gruntjs, requirejs, ecmascript-5, flutter-dependencies, ssr, react-native-firebase, angular-dart, es6-class, require, laravel-mix, arrow-functions, react-native-maps, npm-scripts, flutter-animation, workbox, firebase-cli, destructuring, babel-loader, immutable.js, minify, browserify, node-sass, nodemon, firebase-security, angularfire, reducers, loader, bower google: google-cloud-functions, actions-on-google, google-cloud-firestore

centroid 13: javascript, selenium, google-chrome, html, selenium-webdriver ----- selenium, google-chrome, selenium-webdriver, xpath, dom, google-chrome-extension, firefox, caching, automation, iframe, selenium-chromedriver, mobile, browser, internet-explorer, safari, webdriver, css-selectors, google-chrome-devtools, webrtc, progressive-web-apps, service-worker, local-storage, internet-explorer-11, html5-video, microsoft-edge, ignite, phantomjs, chromium, cross-browser, webdriverwait, capybara, screenshot, cpu-architecture, mobile-safari, firefox-addon, webkit, geckodriver, firefox-webextensions, google-chrome-headless, browser-cache, webdriver-io, v8, specflow, selenium-grid, html-agility-pack, memcached, guava, devtools, cucumber-java, headless, domdocument, extentreports, selenium-ide, watir, cache-control, google-chrome-app, browser-automation, rselenium, mozilla google: google-chrome, google-chrome-headless, google-chrome-devtools, google-chrome-app, google-chrome-extension

centroid 6: javascript, vue.js, vuejs2, vuex, webpack ----- vue.js, express, vuejs2, axios, vue-component, vuex, vuetify.js, xmlhttprequest, vue-router, nuxt.js, fetch-api, vue-cli, vue-cli-3, store, nuxt, bootstrap-vue, vue-test-utils, element-ui, vee-validate

centroid 40: mongodb, node.js, javascript, python, express ----- mongodb, qt, mongoose, graphql, pyqt5, pyqt, mongodb-query, aggregation-framework, discord, qml, qt5, nosql, discord.js, discord.py, aggregate, ejs, handlebars.js, pymongo, backend, schema, mongoose-schema, mean-stack, sails.js, pug, nestjs, loopbackjs, pyqt4, spring-data-mongodb, multer, geospatial, mean, fs, aggregation, lookup, loopback, apollo-server, parse-server, pyside2, bcrypt, mongodb-.net-driver, document, pyside, qt-designer, mongoengine, body-parser, discord.py-rewrite, projection, mern, mongoose-populate, qthread, mlab, joi, passport-local, pyqtgraph, bson, sharding, express-handlebars

centroid 5: multithreading, java, python, concurrency, c++ ----- multithreading, asynchronous, parallel-processing, concurrency, multiprocessing, callback, queue, celery, jvm, task, python-asyncio, synchronization, dask, python-multiprocessing, thread-safety, locking, mpi, openmp, singleton, pickle, python-multithreading, opencl, future, threadpool, mutex, task-parallel-library, tornado, deadlock, aiohttp, atomic, wait, executorservice, semaphore, completable-future, handler, goroutine, channel, race-condition, volatile, pool, runnable, java-threads, synchronous, async.js, producer-consumer, synchronized, java.util.concurrent, blocking

centroid 11: oracle, sql, plsql, oracle11g, database ----- oracle, plsql, stored-procedures, oracle11g, triggers, db2, oracle12c, sql-server-2014, oracle-sqldeveloper, oracle-apex, cursor, database-trigger, apex, oracle10g, sqlplus, oracle-apex-5.1, procedure, dynamic-sql, cx-oracle, oracle-adf, oracleforms, hierarchical-data, plsqldeveloper, oracle-apex-5

centroid 38: pdf, html, python, php, c# ----- pdf, merge, webview, printing, fonts, r-markdown, download, base64, puppeteer, itext, hyperlink, latex, export, blob, imagemagick, ocr, pdf-generation, adobe, jspdf, pdfbox, itext7, embed, docx, digital-signature, wkhtmltopdf, fpdf, mpdf, tcpdf, dompdf, ghostscript, acrobat, pypdf2, reportlab

centroid 9: php, laravel, laravel-5, mysql, javascript ----- php, laravel, ajax, laravel-5, codeigniter, validation, eloquent, session, file-upload, model, pagination, codeigniter-3, laravel-5.6, controller, laravel-5.5, migration, upload, laravel-5.7, laravel-blade, laravel-5.4, relational-database, laravel-5.2, php-7, relationship, lumen, middleware, php-7.2, octobercms, guzzle, image-uploading, laravel-5.8, algolia, query-builder, phpexcel, jobs, laravel-query-builder, laravel-5.3, roles, artisan, laravel-nova, php-carbon, laravel-4, laravel-5.1, homestead, pusher, laravel-eloquent, blade, laravel-routing, laravel-dusk, relation, shared-hosting, eager-loading

centroid 47: php, wordpress, javascript, woocommerce, python ----- google-apps-script, email, notifications, google-drive-api, paypal, stripe-payments, gmail, smtp, attributes, wordpress-theming, google-calendar-api, google-visualization, google-oauth, google-sheets-api, product, phpmailer, youtube-data-api, advanced-custom-fields, gmail-api, hook-woocommerce, outlook-addin, metadata, google-sheets-formula, cart, html-email, google-app-maker, hook, exchangewebservices, payment-gateway, custom-post-type, exchange-server, checkout, e-commerce, sendgrid, field, content-management-system, nodemailer, categories, gsuite, google-form, admin, mailchimp, comments, web-hosting, outlook-web-addins, orders, wordpress-rest-api, customization, imap, google-docs, rss, custom-wordpress-pages, custom-taxonomy, shortcode, outlook-restapi, email-attachments, google-sheets-query, mailgun, google-api-php-client, woocommerce-rest-api, wordpress-gutenberg, google-apis-explorer, attachment, gmail-addons, price, sendmail, icalendar, blogs, registration, custom-fields, multisite, google-admin-sdk, shipping, gravity-forms-plugin, google-api-client, archive, pagespeed, smtplib, mime, meta, google-api-nodejs-client, contact-form, taxonomy, google-api-python-client, account, stock google: google-sheets-api, google-docs, google-oauth, google-apps-script, google-sheets-query, google-sheets-formula, google-api-php-client, google-api-nodejs-client, google-visualization, google-admin-sdk, google-calendar-api, google-apis-explorer, google-api-python-client, google-form, google-app-maker, google-api-client, google-drive-api

centroid 23: postgresql, sql, python, javascript, mysql ----- sqlite, flask, sqlalchemy, hyperledger-fabric, odoo, hyperledger, elixir, blockchain, hyperledger-composer, flask-sqlalchemy, sequence, couchdb, psycopg2, psql, postgis, pyodbc, knex.js, plpgsql, jsonb, jooq, typeorm, postgresql-9.5, ecto, postgresql-10, marshalling, connection-pooling, postgresql-9.6, database-replication, unmarshalling, pgadmin-4, pgadmin, recursive-query, postgresql-9.4, crosstab, go-gorm, database-backups, postgresql-9.3, rds, heroku-postgres

centroid 35: python, java, c++, c#, windows ----- windows, powershell, batch-file, ffmpeg, audio, cmd, windows-10, path, stream, directory, process, vbscript, prolog, ftp, time-complexity, copy, command, zip, file-io, ocaml, scheduled-tasks, storage, big-o, binary-search-tree, registry, scheme, binary-tree, text-files, dynamic-programming, rename, exe, echo, command-prompt, hashtable, powershell-v3.0, filereader, batch-processing, wmi, stack-overflow, file-handling, windows-server-2016, windows-server-2012-r2, bufferedreader, taskscheduler, fstream, hyper-v, readfile, depth-first-search, fibonacci, ifstream, backtracking

centroid 3: python, java, javascript, arrays, c# ----- arrays, string, list, function, loops, csv, algorithm, dictionary, performance, for-loop, file, sorting, class, object, if-statement, oop, haskell, recursion, pointers, variables, generics, java-8, matrix, rust, filter, optimization, indexing, math, lambda, arraylist, inheritance, input, multidimensional-array, search, random, vector, data-structures, time, struct, types, methods, while-loop, foreach, design-patterns, dynamic, functional-programming, collections, java-stream, sas, parameters, enums, nested, interface, constructor, linked-list, syntax, casting, tree, hashmap, binary, properties, scope, reference, type-conversion, floating-point, iterator, null, tuples, static, format, set, conditional, iteration, range, switch-statement, return, append, numbers, boolean, output, int, concatenation, polymorphism, hex, compare, initialization, namespaces, integer, pattern-matching, grouping, logic, key, filtering, parameter-passing, list-comprehension, apply, subset, global-variables, slice, vectorization, conditional-statements, combinations, scanf, java.util.scanner, character, lapply, comparison, this, 2d, override, counter, numpy-ndarray, permutation, user-input, rounding, nested-loops, abstract-class, instance, reduce, prototype, itertools, global, reverse, subclass, comparator, key-value, increment, min, infinite-loop, contains, do-while, associative-array, mergesort, abstract, indexof, break, bubble-sort

centroid 48: python, java, javascript, r, php ----- typo3, wso2, clojure, sublimetext3, drupal-8, acumatica, jframe, docusignapi, teradata, emacs, netsuite, karate, verilog, jasper-reports, marklogic, sparql, vhdl, sympy, autodesk-forge, knitr, erlang, yocto, tcl, odoo-11, cakephp-3.0, mule, phoenix-framework, drupal-7, integration, racket, netlogo, autohotkey, uml, drools, node-red, stata, magento-1.9, common-lisp, aem, opencart, abap, line, python-sphinx, jtable, yii, pentaho, wagtail, coq, regex-lookarounds, slack-api, bioinformatics, openstack, perl6, antlr4, awt, rcpp, upgrade, tweepy, jpanel, macos-high-sierra, documentation, jsonschema, actionscript-3, vmware, wildcard, microsoft-dynamics, prestashop-1.7, typo3-8.x, zend-framework, lisp, gwt, elasticsearch-5, distance, smartcontracts, talend, wso2-am, slim, sfml, message-queue, computer-science, scenebuilder, yii2-advanced-app, rdf, inno-setup, fpga, flask-wtforms, bitcoin, clipboard, special-characters, unreal-engine4, hana, preg-replace, gdal, flash, nginx-config, wso2esb, system-verilog, arangodb, wso2is, netbeans-8, uuid, graphviz, liferay, omnet++, spatial, encode, powershell-v4.0, paypal-sandbox, http2, dynamics-365, local, ip-address, servicestack, hdf5, firewall, kdb, executable, linear-programming, add, orientdb, angularjs-scope, cplex, pymysql, xpages, phaser-framework, maya, powershell-v2.0, nginx-location, adfs, limit, abstract-syntax-tree, variable-assignment, elementtree, wav, mouse, splunk, asterisk, pandoc, publish-subscribe, simulink, webassembly, packages, complexity-theory, ansible-2.x, python-decorators, preg-match, regex-negation, minecraft, spotfire, nested-lists, pcre, gfortran, percentage, matching, monads, jbutton, gsub, numba, sitecore, watson-conversation, dropwizard, edit, frequency, vulkan, cdn, mime-types, wrapper, php-curl, jersey-2.0, scapy, converters, zapier, attributeerror, elm, console.log, web3js, kentico, moodle, intervals, anylogic, multilingual, logical-operators, glm, vlc, owl, autodesk-viewer, dojo, z3, arcgis, classloader, pyomo, sybase, antlr, md5, indexeddb, powerapps, data-conversion, http-status-code-403, web-worker, external, alfresco, airflow-scheduler, finance, typo3-9.x, cpu-usage, pouchdb, ibm-midrange, ping, truffle, qemu, dask-distributed, selection, apache-httpclient-4.x, jsonpath, sha256, coding-style, polymer-2.x, zipfile, vps, symbols, mediawiki, calculation, okta, smarty, blueprism, netcdf, zend-framework3, genetic-algorithm, snmp, repeat, plesk, signature, doxygen, qgis, dlib, jena, ckeditor4.x, tortoisesvn, face-recognition, message, number-formatting, dropbox, lm, default, spss, perforce, assert, uart, acl, symlink, suitescript2.0, kendo-ui-angular2, getter-setter, jira-rest-api, crm, sleep, indentation, prompt, analysis, lme4, ironpython, latitude-longitude, grammar, dotnetnuke, cqrs, gaussian, regex-greedy, koa, yum, numerical-methods, haskell-stack, scala-cats, hugo, rpc, priority-queue, openldap, popen, shapefile, var, partition, record, combinatorics, ada, nio, pentaho-data-integration, appium-ios, scheduling, pyautogui, snakemake, production-environment, lwjgl, computational-geometry, scaling, tabulator, lifetime, naming-conventions, jsf-2, lotus-notes, javac, numeric, odoo-8, modeling, salesforce-lightning, silverstripe, bookdown, websphere-liberty, virtualization, wxwidgets, ramda.js, hapijs, reload, marklogic-9, snapshot, hierarchy, server-side, cakephp-3.x, prestashop-1.6, schedule, unix-timestamp, difference, ontology, readline, configuration-files, opendaylight, block, wolfram-mathematica, rpm, logstash-grok, currency, mount, remote-server, destructor, nsis, captcha, feathersjs, code-generation, hardware, django-2.1, suitescript, typoscript, jython, trim, distributed-system, zabbix, vaadin8, nodemcu, magento2.2, string-matching, shuffle, ckeditor5, mixed-models, fedora, ipv6, new-operator, ember-data, llvm-clang, exit, webcam, str-replace, large-data, simplexml, rules, 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centroid 27: testing, java, javascript, unit-testing, automated-tests ----- angularjs, unit-testing, testing, groovy, junit, jmeter, protractor, mockito, automated-tests, jasmine, mocking, cucumber, appium, pytest, testng, robotframework, integration-testing, cypress, performance-testing, android-espresso, code-coverage, e2e-testing, junit5, chai, python-unittest, junit4, sinon, karma-runner, ui-automation, load, appium-android, nightwatch.js, load-testing, tdd, katalon-studio, testcafe, jest, bdd, spock, powermockito, powermock, codeception, jmeter-plugins, rpa, qa, cucumberjs, jmeter-4.0, angular-test, robolectric

Full code

The code I used to create and display the previous results:

clusters = 50
percent = '01'
one_hot_dimensions = 50

model = 'deleting.kmeans_tagsubtag_%s_big_a_%s_%s' % (clusters, percent,one_hot_dimensions)
clusters_temp_table = 'deleting.clusters_%s_result_a_%s_%s' % (clusters, percent, one_hot_dimensions)

one_hot_p = client.query("""
  FORMAT("IFNULL(ANY_VALUE(IF(tag2='%%s',1,null)),0)X%%s", tag2, REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(tag2,'-','_'),'.','D'),'#','H'),'+','P')) 
) one_hot
  SELECT tag2, SUM(questions) questions 
  FROM `deleting.stack_overflow_tag_co_ocurrence`
  GROUP BY tag2
  ORDER BY questions DESC
  LIMIT %s
)""" % one_hot_dimensions).to_dataframe().iloc[0]['one_hot']

    num_clusters=%s )
WITH tag_and_subtags AS (
    SELECT tag1, %s
    FROM `deleting.stack_overflow_tag_co_ocurrence`
    WHERE percent>0.%s
    GROUP BY tag1
FROM tag_and_subtags
""" % (model, clusters, one_hot_p, percent)).to_dataframe()

df = client.query("""
WITH tag_and_subtags AS (
    SELECT tag1, MAX(questions) questions, %s
    FROM `deleting.stack_overflow_tag_co_ocurrence`
    WHERE percent>0.%s
    GROUP BY tag1

SELECT centroid_id
 , STRING_AGG(tag1, ', ' ORDER BY questions DESC) tags
 , ARRAY_TO_STRING(ARRAY_AGG(IF(tag1 LIKE '%%google%%', tag1, null)  IGNORE nulls LIMIT 18), ', ') google_tags
 , ARRAY_TO_STRING(ARRAY_AGG(IF(tag1 LIKE '%%amazon%%' OR tag1 LIKE '%%aws%%', tag1, null)  IGNORE nulls LIMIT 18), ', ') amazon_tags
 , ARRAY_TO_STRING(ARRAY_AGG(IF(tag1 LIKE '%%azure%%', tag1, null)  IGNORE nulls LIMIT 18), ', ') azure_tags
 , COUNT(*) c
  , (SELECT * FROM tag_and_subtags )
""" % (clusters_temp_table, one_hot_p, percent, model)).to_dataframe()

df = client.query("""
SELECT centroid_id, c, yep, tags
    , IFNULL(google_tags, '') google_tags
    , IFNULL(amazon_tags, '') amazon_tags
    , IFNULL(azure_tags, '') azure_tags
FROM `%s` 
  SELECT centroid_id
    , STRING_AGG(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(feature,'_','-'),'D','.'),'H','#'),'P','+'), 'X', ''), ', ' ORDER BY numerical_value DESC  LIMIT 5) yep
""" % (clusters_temp_table, model)).to_dataframe()

for index, row in df.iterrows():
    print('centroid %s: %s\n-----' % (row['centroid_id'],  row['yep']))
    if row['google_tags']:
        print('google: %s' % row['google_tags'])
    if row['amazon_tags']:
        print('amazon: %s' % row['amazon_tags'])
    if row['azure_tags']:
        print('azure: %s' % row['azure_tags'])

Note that I joined my results with ML.CENTROIDS() — which gives me the top differentiating occurring tags for each centroid — even if they are not part of each cluster.

And that’s all it takes

Are you surprised by the results? Or surprised by how easy was to run our k-means modeling with BigQuery? Or curious for why I chose distance-type: 'COSINE' for this problem? Now it’s your turn to play :). Check the BigQuery docs for creating models and the k-means tutorial.

Lak’s thoughts

How would you choose the best parameters? Check Lak Lakshmanan post for hyper-parameter tuning. Lak also had some interesting ideas about dimensionality reduction for clustering via matrix factorization — but we’ll leave that for a future post. As an untested preview: Once you have the co-occurrence of tag1 and tag2, treat it as a recommendation problem, i.e. tag2 is what tag1 liked percent of the time. Then, you can do matrix factorization:

CREATE OR REPLACE MODEL deleting.tag1_tag2
    user_col='tag1', item_col='tag2', rating_col='percent10' )
SELECT tag1, tag2, percent*10 AS percent10
FROM advdata.stack_overflow_tag_co_ocurrence

From this matrix factorization, you will have tag1_factors and tag2_factors which are essentially an embedding of the tags learned from the data. Concatenate these and cluster it instead …

SELECT feature, factor_weights
FROM ML.WEIGHTS( MODEL deleting.tag1_tag2 )
WHERE processed_input = 'tag1' and feature LIKE '%google%'

Want more?

I'm Felipe Hoffa, a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud. Tweet me @felipehoffa, my previous posts on medium.com/@hoffa, and all about BigQuery on reddit.com/r/bigquery - including predicting when will Stack Overflow reply.

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