The Overflow #5: The Minimum Lovable Newsletter

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The Overflow.

November 2019

Welcome to ISSUE #5 of The Overflow, a newsletter by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams of React Training. You can read more about it here. This week, we're providing a roadmap to better partner with our community, discovering who was the first to nap on the Moon, and finding out how to become a product manager at a large company.

From the blog

Introducing “The Loop”: A Foundation in Listening stackoverflow.blog We want to share with you, the community, some of the reasons why we make decisions and what inputs we listen to, as well as give you a place to weigh in.

Podcast #129: TFW You Accidentally Delete Your Database stackoverflow.blog This week we sat down with Juan and Brian from Splice. The conversation touched on developing mobile apps with Flutter, Iceland's big bitcoin heist, and a drum machine built in Excel.

Interesting questions

Who was the first human to sleep on the Moon? space.stackexchange.com One small nap for man, one giant nap for all mankind.

“Which answer in this list is the correct answer to this question?” math.stackexchange.com Can you solve this mathematics professor’s leisure-time logic quiz?

Einstein’s quantum elevator in a vacuum physics.stackexchange.com Maybe that’s why Einstein always took the stairs.

Match blood types in C codereview.stackexchange.com If blood is an input, how messy is your code?

Exactly what color was the text on monochrome terminals with green-on-black and amber-on-black screens? retrocomputing.stackexchange.com Just in case you want to use the colors from OG dark mode.

Links from around the web

Don’t serve burnt pizza (and other lessons in building minimum lovable products) firstround.com When you ship a new product, it’s better to ship a minimum lovable product, not just a minimum viable product. Here’s a great article as to why.

A cron job that could save you from a ransomware attack dev.to Ransomware is a thing, and it’s scary! But, you can protect yourself against it with a cron job that works for you.

Lessons from a Product Manager at Google hackernoon.com If you’ve ever felt like product management might be the path for you, this is a really helpful interview about getting a gig at a large company.

How Discord achieves native iOS performance with React Native blog.discordapp.com The debate on how to implement native mobile apps is a constant, ever-changing one. Discord is a highly popular, performant one built with JavaScript and React Native, but feels like native code.

What’s next for CSS? cssdb.org CSSdb is a great way to keep up with what’s coming in web standards. Maybe we’ll get a nice one-liner property for making vertical centering just work… a dev can dream…

You are doing :focus wrong (and I was too) youtube.com It’s easy to lose :focus when you’re not sure how to implement accessible keyboard navigation early on in your applications!

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