The Overflow #9: Rust and Redux

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The Overflow.

January 2020

Welcome to ISSUE #9 of The Overflow, a newsletter by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams of React Training. You can read more about it here. This week, we get a peek into the future of Stack Overflow, discover the longest possible free ride, and check out a mobile OS made from React Native.

From the blog

Scripting the future of Stack Overflow stackoverflow.blog A note from our new CEO, Prashanth Chandrasekar, reflecting on his first 90 days and laying out his vision for 2020.

What is Rust and why is it so popular? stackoverflow.blog Rust has been Stack Overflow’s most loved language for four years in a row, indicating that many of those who have had the opportunity to use Rust have fallen in love with it. However, the roughly 97% of survey respondents who haven’t used Rust may wonder, “What’s the deal with Rust?”

Interesting questions

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The nature of pure mathematics research academia.stackexchange.com Pure vs applied - what are the different skill sets in mathematics and which type is right for you?

What's the longest distance that can be traveled by only using free transportation? travel.stackexchange.com Hitching excluded, how far can a cheapskate like me travel without paying a cent?

Can someone steal my IP address and use it as their own? security.stackexchange.com It sounds like the plot of a bad cop show. But it turns out, it could actually happen.

How can Internet Explorer 5 be emulated in 2020? sqa.stackexchange.com We’ve heard of being stubborn, but still using Internet Explorer 5 takes the cake.

Are 'new' and 'delete' getting deprecated in C++? stackoverflow.com Does this mean C++ will get a new new command once delete is deleted?

Links from around the web

Technical debt is like a Tetris game fluentcpp.com If you're like us, you might have played a game or two of Tetris from time to time (okay, if you're like us, you probably have had to cut yourself off from playing too much Tetris). This blog post discusses a really great analogy of technical debt being like a Tetris game.

Redux is half of a pattern (1/2) dev.to Not everyone is a huge Redux fan, but this post makes the point that it's part of a larger pattern! It's a cool concept to think about it going hand-in-hand with state machines.

Building LightOS with React Native medium.com Who knew you could use a framework like React Native to build a mobile operating system? We certainly did not. This is a really cool look into how it was done, and why!

Babel 7.8.0 Released: ECMAScript 2020, .mjs configuration files and @babel/cli improvements babeljs.io We could babel on and on about how cool this 7.8.0 release of Babel is!

Stack Overflow for Teams promotion Try it free. Stop the pings, dings, and distractions. Improve collaboration and share organizational knowledge with Teams. We now offer a free 30 day trial and no credit card is needed.

Creating a FAST-LOCAL docker web dev environment blw.sh Setting up a Docker environment might seem like overkill for your projects, but it's a great way to have a fast, local setup for making sure your applications work in the right environments. Here's a nice quick post on how you can do it yourself!

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