The Overflow #19: Jokes on us

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The Overflow.

April 2020

Hey nineteen! Welcome to ISSUE #19 of The Overflow, a newsletter by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. We can't dance together, but we can fill our heads with delightful information. This week, COBOL rides again, random sampling to determine infection rates, and the best damn GitHub hacks ever.

From the blog

Brush up your COBOL: Why is a 60 year old language suddenly in demand? stackoverflow.blog The suddenly strained unemployment systems often run on a 60-year-old programming language, COBOL. So, how can you learn it, make big bucks, and save lots of state agencies that need new code to deal with all the new government stimulus programs?

Podcast 229: Jokes on us stackoverflow.blog Tune in for part two of our conversation with Adam Lear and Jon Chan, Stack Overflow developers working on our public sites and community tools.

Webinar: How to expedite design and development of serverless applications on AWS promotion Join this webinar to learn how to quickly migrate your cloud architecture to a serverless environment securely. We’ll explore the key benefits of serverless applications and then discover how to use AWS and its serverless platform to cost-effectively build and deploy applications.

Interesting questions

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What percentage of a population needs a test in order to estimate prevalence of a disease? stats.stackexchange.com Interested in the intersection of data science and disease modeling? Check out this discussion on COVID-19, testing, and population.

Should a bank/financial service use external URL shortener services? security.stackexchange.com Ugly links are better than opening yourself up to stolen links.

Is there a way to set up a Raspberry Pi without a keyboard, mouse, or SD card reader? raspberrypi.stackexchange.com Have you tried shouting, “Open Raspberry!”?

Why is the oil price negative? economics.stackexchange.com This proves it: you couldn't pay me to take a barrel of crude oil.

Links from around the web

CALL FOR CODE ON-DEMAND: Fight the impact of COVID-19 developer.ibm.com Stack Overflow is proud to partner with IBM in bringing the power of the developer community into the fight against COVID-19. Get free on-demand training and access to resources on AI, IoT, and more. Join the fight!

GitHub Protips: Tips, tricks, hacks, and secrets from Lee Reilly github.blog Let's face it, looking at the title of this blog post, you might think, "psh, I've used GitHub for ages, I don't need no stinkin' pro tips." Well, we thought that too, until we saw just how useful they were!

How are docker images built? A look into the Linux overlay file-systems and the OCI specification dev.to What makes a technology like Docker possible? This is a practical look at the overlay filesystems and OCI specification that drive Docker to work!

Learn how to accept money on Jamstack sites in 38 minutes netlify.com If you've ever wanted to build an e-commerce site but didn't want to deal with payment infrastructure, here's a practical post on how to implement Stripe checkout on the Jamstack.

New rules of the classroom: Remote teaching in the age of COVID-19 glitch.com There's so many options for learning today compared to any period in history. In this article, a fourth-generation teacher shares the tools she used to transition her in-person classroom to online learning, and the challenges she faced along the way.

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