The Overflow #22: The power of sharing

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The Overflow.

May 2020

Welcome to ISSUE #22 of the Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. We're pondering the benefits of sharing your work, pushing the limits of children's names, and praising accessibility in the time of Covid-19.

From the blog

Ensuring backwards compatibility in distributed systems stackoverflow.blog The move towards distributed architectures brings lots of benefits: easier testing, smaller deployable units, looser decoupling, smaller failure surfaces, to name a few. But it also brings its own set of challenges. How can a set of services evolve together in a way that doesn’t break the system?

The most successful developers share more than they take stackoverflow.blog After interviewing several developers, a pattern started to become clear: great developers share a lot. This takes different forms for different people, but is very often a blog. But for many top developers, their sharing mindset came before their success, and was the direct cause of it, not the result of it.

Podcast 235: An emotional week, and the way forward stackoverflow.blog A conversation about the recent furloughs at Stack Overflow, Zoom's acquisition of Keybase, the upcoming Bitcoin halving, and the release of Deno v1.0.0.

Interesting questions

Found a good question or answer? Tweet us with the hashtag #StackOverflowKnows or leave a comment on Facebook. We’ll include our favorites in the future.

As a company, how can we prevent penetration testers from compromising our system? security.stackexchange.com "You're looking for a technical solution to a legal problem."

Haskell: how to detect "lazy memory leaks?" stackoverflow.com Here's a heap of great information about how to diagnose memory problems in Haskell.

Is Elon Musk's child name valid in California? law.stackexchange.com Are there limits on what you can name a baby?

Mathematically prove that a round wheel roll faster than a square wheel physics.stackexchange.com Mathematically, circles over squares is how I roll.

Links from around the web

Thanks to Covid-19, website accessibility has never been more important webdesignerdepot.com Now more than ever, people are relying on technology to access healthcare, see their loved ones, and to do their daily tasks. As a result, it's more important than ever to design for accessibility.

Swift 5.3 release process swift.org Swift 5.3 is coming soon, and they have officially sent out their release process. The biggest feature? Windows and Linux support!

Deno 1.0 deno.land In a talk a couple years ago, the creator of Node.js talked about his regrets and how he planned to fix them with a new library called Deno. Two years later, Deno 1.0 is finally released!

Why you should never use sticky sessions dev.to Talking about sessions can get sticky at times. But have you heard of actual "sticky sessions?" This article is a solid look into how they work, how to avoid them, and what alternatives you have.

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