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The Overflow #150: Keystrokes vs. productivity

Unlocking innovation with our CEO, the OG UNIX font, and homelabbing

Welcome to ISSUE #150 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: we’re showcasing a new feature on Stack Overflow to help people ask better questions, an old question about objectivity and bias, and a featured talk on burnout.

From the blog

Introducing the Ask Wizard: Your guide to crafting high-quality questions
We’re making it easier for Stack Overflow newcomers to ask questions.

How hardware and software can maximize your flow states
Can a keyboard help developers become more productive? If it helps your flow, then maybe so.

CEO update: Breaking down barriers to unlock innovation
As our company continues to grow, we observe a key lesson from our customers and community: in dynamic times, whether it be periods of hyper growth or market volatility, breaking down the barriers to knowledge is essential for success.

Goodbye Webpack, hello Turbopack! The big news from today’s Next.JS conference
We break down the key announcements: from Turbopack, to Splitbee analytics, to new features in Next.JS 13.

An introduction to MongoDB promotion
In less than 60 minutes, learn how to leverage MongoDB Atlas to build modern, data-driven applications. Register now to join the free webinar!

Interesting questions

I was outsourced. Can former co-worker keep requesting passwords?
Literally not your job.

Are shell scripts considered binaries for licensing purposes?
If you can read it, it’s probably not a binary.

Is it possible to be completely objective and without bias?
“In any interaction, there is a subject and an object. Being ’completely objective’ implies more or less totally excluding the subject from the interaction.”

What was the original UNIX font?
What if I told there IS no original Unix font 🤯

OKLCH in CSS: why we moved from RGB and HSL
There’s new ways to declare CSS colors now, and here’s a cool dive into why `oklch()` is worth checking out!

Wayback Machine – 2001 | Web Design Museum
This past week was the 21st birthday of the Internet Wayback Machine! We know that because it can tell us exactly what it looked like then.

The DIY gadgets that could keep your energy bill down
Homelabbing is a fun hobby, but perhaps it could be a cost-saving one, too!

Developer Community Keynote: The thing about burnout
Burnout is very real, and here’s a wonderful keynote addressing that elephant in the room.

A blast from the past: A look under the hood: how branches work in Git.

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