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The Overflow #157: Tis the season for hats

Headless eCommerce, violins on Mars, and fixing the naming problem

Welcome to ISSUE #157 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: gathering data on why people take new jobs, worrying about what university faculty should (or can) do about AI-generated text, and raining on your quantum wormhole parade.

From the blog

Hat’s out of the bag! Join us for Winter/Summer Bash 2022!
Earn a hat this season! Winter/Summer Bash runs through January 4. Join us for this fun end-of-year tradition, sponsored by Splunk. As you participate on Stack Exchange sites, you’ll be able to earn hats and other accessories for your avatar.

Job insights from the tech community: The latest survey results from Stack Overflow Knows
Money gets people to leave their jobs, but it won’t always make them stay.

The next step in ecommerce? Replatform with APIs and micro frontends
Your ecommerce solution doesn’t need to know what you’re selling, just how to sell it.

Taking drag and drop tech stacks with’s Steve Sewell
For his TikToks and coding wisdom.

Evolve data architectures to speed modernizing applications promotion
Cloud-native architectures webinar: Practical guidance on architecting data platforms for DevOps and application modernization. Plus, tips on data management and democratization in enterprises.

Interesting questions

Why was the stack originally invented?
It’s the same reason we invented wallets: local storage.

How should a faculty deal with the problem of AI-generated texts?
Jarvis, write me a policy for dealing with AI generated essays

Were over 3000 persons arrested in Britain for social media posts in 2020?
Almost half of them were for reposting ancient All Your Base memes.

How would a violin or trumpet degrade over time on Mars?
Just what you’ve always wanted! Plenty of free time to learn the trumpet.

Taming names in software development
One of the hardest computer science problems is naming things. Here’s how to get better.

Does WWW still belong in URLs?
There’s a long-running argument over URL names. Here’s the reasoning for both sides.

Google’s Sycamore chip: no wormholes, no superfast classical simulation either
Remember the whole wormhole thing we talked about a few issues back? Well… we learned more about it.

Why Japan’s internet is weirdly designed
The internet in Japan looks different. Why?

A blast from the past: Network protocols in orbit: Building a space-based ISP.

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