Are LLMs the end of computer programming (as we know it)?

Ben and Ryan discuss how LLMs are changing the industry and practice of software engineering, a notorious Crash Bandicoot bug, and communication via series of tubes.

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Credit: Alexandra Francis

Do LLMs herald the end of computer programming (as we know it)? A Harvard lecture weighs in on this contentious topic.

An epic hardware bug story.

Question from the academic trenches: How bad will it look to prospective employers if you refuse to defend your PhD? (Answer: Pretty bad.)

Another intriguing question: Were postal pneumatic tubes in Berlin really cleaned with wine?

The Jetsons misled us about many aspects of the future, from flying cars to the role of pneumatics, but they were onto something with the series of tubes.

Before influencers and social media algorithms, there were coolhunters.

Congrats to Stack Overflow user tjati, who earned a Lifeboat badge by answering What does 'HTML is escaping' mean?.


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