Between hyper-focus and burnout: Developing with ADHD

Eira and Ryan talk with Chris Ferdinandi, a front-end developer and ADHD advocate, about his diagnosis experience, the importance of accommodations for neurodivergent folks, and some advice for devs looking for the best tools and tactics for managing ADHD at work.

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Credit: Alexandra Francis

Read Eira’s two-part series about developers with ADHD here and here.

Chris recommends that devs with ADHD employ a “second brain” to help them track and remember information. Read Eira’s article on what second brains reveal about how we work.

A few years back Chris joined us to talk about the most lightweight web “framework” around: VanillaJS. Listen to the episode.

Chris offers classes and workshops for front-end developers, plus daily advice for developers with ADHD.

Connect with Chris through his website or social media.


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